Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Was Natalee Drugged?
NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2005

Natalee Holloway's mother says that the Alabama teen may have been drugged the night she disappeared in Aruba almost four months ago.

Beth Twitty also tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm she's heading to Holland, where a former detainee in the case, Dutch teen Joran van der Sloot, is attending college.

Reacting to an interview van der Sloot gave to the magazine show "A Current Affair," Twitty cast van der Sloot as coming out with one lie after another.

She also repeated her contention that her daughter was sexually assaulted by van der Sloot.

Holloway vanished at the end of a graduation trip to the Caribbean island after a night of drinking with friends.

Van der Sloot, 18, has acknowledged spending the evening with Holloway before her disappearance, but denies any wrongdoing.

Holloway was last seen leaving the bar with van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe, early on May 30.

In the interview with "A Current Affair," van der Sloot admits he lied about the last time he saw Holloway on the night she vanished, but insists she was fine when they parted ways.

"When her parents showed up at my door with her picture, I didn't even know who Natalee Holloway was," he said. "I didn't even know her name.

" To that, Twitty told Storm, "There have been so many lies that have come out of Joran van der Sloot's mouth that it's so — sometimes I think the only facts we have are all of his lies. It's just incredible that he is going to make a statement like that, that he does — did not even know her name."

In his interview, van der Sloot said: "I kissed with her (Holloway). But neither me, Deepak or Satish ever had sex with her. And no one ever said otherwise."

Asked by Storm if she believes Holloway was assaulted, Twitty said, "Absolutely. And you know, that is strictly coming from Joran's statements. He has admitted this. He admitted this to the interrogators. He admitted this in front of 10 witnesses in the early morning hours of May 31, of the sexual assault that he committed against Natalee. So, yes, that is a fact.

"The family was there as witnesses to (the statements)."

"You were there?" Storm said.

"You actually heard him say this?"

"Yes," Twitty said.

"To at least 10 witnesses. Yes."

When shown another statement from the van der Sloot interview, claiming he'd "never touched a girl in an aggressive way," Twitty said she believes he's lying.

"Oh, absolutely. Absolutely he's lying," she said.

In the interview, van der Sloot says he and the others got together and lied initially to police and to everybody about what happened that night, saying they brought Holloway back to her hotel. Then he says he left her at the beach, but that it was at her request. He says, "I even lifted her up to carry her back to the hotel, and she told me to put her down." He says the only mistake he made was leaving her at the beach.

"The 'only' mistake he made," Twitty said. "You know, I am not even sure if we've gotten to the last disclosed location where Joran last left and saw Natalee. I'm not even certain that that is the last place.

"When Joran led Natalee out of (the bar), she had no ability to make any kind of decision. He even describes her in the same interview (as being) drunk. I don't know what exactly Joran bought her. I believe he had bought her a shot of 151 (rum). Natalee has never had anything like that. I don't even know … what else was in that shot. Joran admits to buying her the only drink that he saw her have that night. He has her talking about a lot of strange things.

"It almost sounds like to me that she is drugged. And in his statements, also, he's saying that she's coming in and out of consciousness. That just doesn't sound like just drunk. It sounds like to me it's a possibility she could have been drugged, also."

Twitty says she's going to Holland "to make sure that everyone realizes and still knows that the reward money is still out there. We have $1 million for a safe return, $250,000 for the whereabouts of Natalee. And we've had posters printed in Dutch that we will be distributing in Amsterdam."




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