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Dutch Authorities Have Tape, Holloway on “The Line Up” (VIDEO) 11/29/05

Dutch Authorities Have Tape, Holloway on “The Line Up” (VIDEO) 11/29/05

Confirmed: Dutch authorities have the taped interview with Deepak Kalpoe. However investigating and reporting on these tapes do not seem to be a priority.

Dave Holloway has returned from Aruba and talks about the recent search. Holloway is positive that the case is getting a second look at things are going good.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Natalee: Missing 5 Months - 05/30/05 - 10/30/05

Natalee: Missing 5 Months - 05/30/05 - 10/30/05

On Sunday, October 30, 2005 at approximately 1:30 am Natalee will havebeen missing for 5 months. For 5 months her family and friends have not talked to her,spent time with her, laughed with her, cried with her, or hugged her.

I would like for us all to take a moment to remember Natalee, her family,and her friends in a prayer or a silent moment.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Prosecutor Jannsen is a Fraud

Prosecutor Jannsen is a Fraud

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It isn't clear on what evidence the Kalpoes were arrested on suspicion of premeditated murder and rape.

Likely the same evidence that led to the security guards being arrested and held in jail.

Also the same evidence that is directing the searches near the fisherman's hut.

Maybe even the same evidence that prevented the van der sloot property from being searched.

And just what is that evidence Ms. Jannsen?

The lies of Paulus and Joran van der sloot. Paulus still working in your office whispering advice?

Just how did you dupe the Kalpoes? The drugs they gave Joran were responsible for Natalee's death so you told them they were now party to a murder? Probably betting they wouldn't realize that maybe it wasn't the drugs but Joran alone who killed Natalee. It worked, you hooked them. But now you can't shake them.

You would have turned on them from the beginning if you could. The security guard scapegoat didn't stick so you tried the Kalpoe scapegoat and it doesn't remove the stench from Joran van der sloot.

And Ms. Jannsen you worked closely with Paulus van der sloot didn't you? You and Jan van straaten were not blinded by your friendship? The Dutchies stick together don't they?

Ms. Jannsen you couldn't even pick up the phone to call Beth when the suspects were released? Did your emotions or hatred get in the way?

It's a sorry state when your resignation would be your most competent and productive act.

You are unprofessional and corrupt and must be fired for incompetence, indecency and titanic cowardice.

You, Ms. Jannsen are a fraud.

Beth Meets With Condi (VIDEO) 10/25/05

Beth Meets With Condi (VIDEO) 10/25/05

Sometime in the past few days Beth Twitty met with Secretary of State Condi Rice. Secretary Rice and Beth spoke privately about the situation and what the US government is doing to help. Beth was humbled that Condi would take time out of her extremely busy schedule to meet with her. After the two met privately they attended church services together. Later in the segment, Greta and Beth discussed a possible break through in the case. Watch to find out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Something new? Or just something that was overlooked?

Anonymous said...
I have worked as a court stenographer for the past 18 years in the states. I would love to take my insight, knowledge and perception to Fox News. I wish they would discover me. I have reported thousands of criminal and civil proceedings. I so very often sit patiently just performing my skill, all the while just wishing that I could take over. I have trained myself in my profession to observe the entire picture. I all too often do not hear the entire picture brought to light. In observing the entire picture, one must never lose site of even the smallest of detail. One tiny segment that I would like to share with whomever may read this is that at one point I observed Mr. V., Sr. hustling back into his vehicle early on in this tragedy coming about. Fox News had shown a segment where this man was videotaped head-on straight through the windshield of his automobile. Now this automobile appeared to be a relatively newer vehicle, yet there were CHUNKS removed from this man's steering wheel in this film segment. I never to this day heard anyone else comment on why there were CHUNKS removed from this man's steering wheel, or that they thought perhaps it might even be strange. I picked up on this. I would love Fox News to review this film clip. I pray we find a clue. Oh, by the way, the next time I observed this man getting into a vehicle, it was a totally different make and model.

-alabamamom thank you so much for telling this, and thanks to Debbie from blogs for Natalee for finding the picture!

Joran's Zorpia site update

Check out my other blog to see Joran talking for the first time on his Zorpia site

"Free Bird"

"Free Bird"

Recorded by "Lynyrd Skynyrd"
Album:' Pronounced Leh'-nerd Skin-'nerd" - 1973
If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be trav'ling on now
'Cause there's too many places I've got to see

But if I stayed here with you girl
Things just couldn't be the same
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
And this bird you'll never change
And this bird you cannot change
And this bird you cannot change
Lord knows I can't change

Bye, bye baby it's been a sweet love
Though this feeling I can't change
But please don't take it so badly
'Cause the Lord knows I'm to blame

But if I stayed here with you girl
Things just couldn't be the same
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
And this bird you'll never change
And this bird you cannot change
And this bird you cannot change
Lord knows I can't change

Lord help me, I can't change

*This is the song Natalee quoted in her high school yearbook. It's just sad to think that she might not ever get to do the things she had planned on doing now.*

Aruba after Natalee Holloway

Aruba after Natalee Holloway
South America for Visitors Blog

Aruba after Natalee Holloway

Aruba: Caught in the winds of a mystery (USA Today) reports on the impact, or lack of it, on tourism in Aruba following the Disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. "Because of incessant media coverage of Holloway's disappearance, "now everybody knows Aruba" — and not necessarily in a good way, says Myrna Jansen, managing director of the Aruba Tourism Authority. "Our main priority now is, 'Let's get this (Holloway case) solved and resolved.' It's not nice for anyone involved." There wasn't a wave of summer cancellations after Holloway's disappearance, say Jansen and Caribbean-vacation vendors such as Connecticut-based TourScan. In fact, the number of June visitors from the USA increased 10% this year, and July and August hotel occupancy was up over last year, too." Map thanks to CIA Factbook.

Holloway: Aruba chief to start over

Holloway: Aruba chief to start over

"Do you have children?"

That's the way Dave Holloway, formerly of Clinton, responds when people ask him how he's coping with the disappearance of his daughter, Natalee.

"If you do, you know exactly how I feel," he said, referring to tightly strung emotions tinged with loss and frustration since his daughter went missing May 30 on the last night of her senior trip to Aruba.

Instead of preparing to celebrate Natalee's 19th birthday today, Holloway was packing for his fifth trip to the Caribbean island to personally take part in the search for the missing teen with the help of Texas EquuSearch volunteers and Aruban investigators.

Natalee Holloway, who grew up in Clinton, moved to Mountain Brook, Ala., after seventh grade when her mom, Beth, married George "Jug" Twitty. The teen had traveled to Aruba with Mountain Brook High classmates and chaperones.

"With the new Aruban deputy police chief (Gerold Dompig) in place, it's like starting all over," Dave Holloway said in a phone interview. "He says he's going back to the beginning and going forward from there.

"Even if I'm not searching for her in Aruba or following up on tips on the computer here in Meridian, she's still on my mind," he said. "It's hard to concentrate on anything else.

"She remains on the minds of many of her friends and former neighbors in Clinton, including Clinton High Principal J Reeves. Reeves and his wife, Wanda, were neighbors when Natalee and her brother Matt, now a high school junior, were growing up in the Cascades subdivision.

"We continue to pray for Natalee and her family. Hopefully, they will soon be able to get the answers to the questions that have to be haunting them daily," Reeves said.

Part of what keeps the story of Natalee's disappearance front and center is the mystery surrounding it, he said. "The answer could be very simple, or it could be very complicated. No one can figure it out."

While Beth Twitty worked to spread the word, Holloway concentrated on a physical search. He spent days and nights combing the island that stretches 20 miles long and 5 miles wide.

"It's a small island, but it's surrounded by ocean. Then there are other islands and other countries," he said. "Is there more to it than just these three (suspects)? I can't say. I don't have evidence that points one way or the other."

Dave Holloway Continues Search for Natalee

Dave Holloway Continues Search for Natalee
October 23, 2005

Dave Holloway Continues Search for NataleeDave Holloway, father of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, has returned to Aruba to personally take part in an offshore search with the help of Texas EquuSearch volunteers and investigators in Aruba.

The trip to Aruba is the fifth for Dave Holloway, who has concentrated his efforts on physical searches for Natalee, while her mother, Beth Twitty, has worked to keep her daughter's case in the media spotlight.

"Even if I'm not searching for her in Aruba or following up on tips on the computer here in Meridian, she's still on my mind," Dave Holloway said in an interview with his hometown newspaper. "It's hard to concentrate on anything else."

Holloway has said many times in interviews that Aruban investigators should go back to the beginning and start the investigation over and that may be exactly what is happening now that Gerold Dompig, a new deputy police chief, is on the case. "He says he's going back to the beginning and going forward from there," Dave Holloway said.

Dompig has promised action if media interviews with the suspects in the case -- in which they admitted having sex with Natalee on the night she disappeared -- turn out to be accurate.
"They always denied having sex with this young girl," said Dompig. "And so, in looking at the tapes, to watch if this is really what this gentleman has said, then it is totally contrary to what he has declared at our police station."

Case 'Will Turn Around Fully'"I assure you that, once this is verified, and if it's legitimate, the case will turn around fully," Dompig said. "And it will be for us absolutely enough new information to talk once more to this young man, or, as a matter of fact, with maybe to all three."

Beth Twitty claims to have a transcript of a police interview with Joran Van Der Sloot in which he claims he had sex with Natalee while she went in and out of consciousness, but Dompig says the Dutch teen never made such a statement to police.

Natalee Holloway has been missing since May 30, when she was last seen leaving a nightclub in Aruba with Joran Van Der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

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Natalee's Yearbook

Don't know if anyone knew this, but thought I would post it:

"If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on now, there's too many places I haven't seen." Stated by Natalee in her yearbook.

So sad to read, as she may never be able to follow her dream.

Got this from Blogs For Natalee, and just wanted to share it with everyone.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

You can take a look at my other blog page also.

Natalee Holloway-What we know so far.

On this site I am starting to get everything we have seen, read or heard so far in the case. I have done three entries since I started it. I'll be adding more today. So take a look at that page too.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Natalee

Happy Birthday Natalee
October 21, 1986
My wish for you on your birthday is that your family could finally get the answers they need to bring you to justice once and for all.

Beth: Joran Made Comments on Friend’s Boat May 30 (VIDEO) 10/19/05

Beth: Joran Made Comments on Friend’s Boat May 30 (VIDEO) 10/19/05

Beth Twitty appeared on Greta tonight to discuss comments Joran van der Sloot made about a friend’s boat.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This was sent to me in an email


The original lie was that Natalee was dropped off at the Holiday Inn and approached by two security guards, a description of whom was given in enough detail that two such men were quickly identified and arrested. Her body was hidden where the original lie says it is, period: The high rise hotel strip area, near Marriott and Holiday Inn. The most harmless scenario for the three boys involved was to say that they quickly dispatched Natalee back to her hotel since it was observed that she may have been tipsy at the time she was seen driving off with them. Furthermore, it has been said that Natalee did return to her hotel room briefly to retrieve something and left again and so, in the event that someone may have seen Kalpoe's car in the vicinity of the Holiday Inn subsequent to leaving Carlos and Charlie's while she got something from her room, they had to cover for the car potentially being seen near the Holiday Inn. Therefore, the story was concocted BEFORE the hiding location near Holiday Inn or Mariott was chosen, and her body was placed where it was in order to support the original lie.

2001 Aruba trip report describing an "Old Hotel's" remnants Near the Marriott & Holiday Inn "we walked past Marriott to where an old hotel once stood and old craft stalls were. This area also had windsurfing booths set up for young and old.. Pretty trashy, no luck but best area for finding many seashells."

The story-fabricators also selected two security guards known as regularly patrolling in the vicinity of said hiding place as the scapegoats. The body-hiding consultant being familiar with a hiding place close to Natalee's hotel, the Holiday Inn. In other words, the body-hiding consultant has been to this hiding place before, it was not a quick, random choice or created for the occasion. Ergo, her body will be found within the security guards' customary patrol area. (This does not mean that the body-hiding consultant has hidden other bodies but he may know of the existence of other bodies in the selected hiding place).

Why were the guards singled out and not "a stranger" or nobody? Why bring a potential perpetrator into the alibi at all? This tells you that Joran and the Kalpoes do know that something happened to Natalee and it tells you that they all concocted a story that might fly in the event that the hiding place in *THE GUARDS CUSTOMARY PATROL AREA* is found with Natalee inside. It also tells you that Steve Croes was the one who suggested the body-hiding place close to where his boat is usually anchored. So Croes knows the Kalpoes better than he says since they brought him into it early on with the initial intention of using his boat and before fine-tuning the original alibi. Croes discouraged that idea, not wanting to participate, suggesting instead the guard story along with a good hiding place near Holiday Inn that he was familiar with since this is his territory. He knows the security guards' patrol routine and could describe them in detail. Croes is the one that the guards need to be mad at. Why did these two, specific individuals come to mind when they were not even on duty that night instead of some random, fabricated individual? Because Croes had to duck those two guards in the past while visiting the hiding location for a different reason and therefore the guards were the first scapegoats to come to mind when fabricating a story about how Natalee will have come to be found in the location of the guards' customary, nightly patrol.

The location of Natalee is further confirmed and identified by the second, (adjusted), story which is currently that the Kalpoe brothers dropped Natalee and Joran off alone on the beach near the Marriott. This is also a lie. (since they did not allude to the fact that Natalee was now deceased when dropped off there with Joran) The adjustment in the story indicates that her location may be closest to the Marriott in particular. The body of Natalee Holloway was hidden on land in the Palm Beach area of the hotels. To frame the security guards, she could not be put out to sea and potentially disappear forever because the Kalpoe's car might have been observed waiting at the Holiday Inn while Natalee retrieved something from her room. The body was put in a place where it could be found. Her body was meant to be discovered, initially THE BODY WAS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. The intention of the original lie was to frame the guards and absolve Joran and two Kalpoes of being the last people to have Natalee in their possession, a better scenario all around since Croes did not want to involve himself or his boat. It is said that Paulus Van Der Sloot made the statement that there is "no case without a body", to the boys. This probably precipitated a call to Croes to use his boat.


Joran and the Kalpoe brothers did not deliver Natalee to the beachfront, high rise strip and leave. They only stopped by for Natalee to get something from her room and then they all left together. They may have driven around some and they may even have visited the lighthouse as stated but, ultimately the Kalpoe brothers dropped Natalee and Joran both off at the Van Der Sloot residence where Joran has his own apartment, separate from the main house. The currently held scenario is that Paulus Van Der Sloot had picked Joran up from a McDonalds around 11:00 p.m., took him home and then went about his business, assuming that Joran was home for the night. Did Joran or Paulus bring a "walnut salad" home from McDonalds? That was mentioned.

It is also currently held that Joran sneaked out off the property at some point and went to Carlos and Charlie's where he met back up with Natalee who was to return home the following morning.

The Van Der Sloot property has a pool and is gated. My contacts say that Natalee fell off a gate. They also describe a "Victorian Pool", which means that there may be a gazebo there or something Victorian about the surrounding area or the home. This pool, (or the gate) according to them, is supposed to be angular in some way. The angular comment could possibly apply to an angular object near the gate that she fell onto. It's difficult to tell the context of the angular remark. My contacts describe Natalee as "dopy" at the time she fell off the gate so it is not to say that going to a boy's home in the middle of the night is something that she would ordinarily do. So the Kalpoe brothers dropped Joran and Natalee back at Joran's house and this gate may have been closed and locked. It could be that the gate was not locked, but simply that opening it would have made enough noise to alert Daddy Van Der Sloot to a returning Joran and his company. Natalee either fell off the Van Der Sloot gate sneaking onto the premises with Joran or she had to climb that gate a second time trying to run away from the property.

I think that she was trying to run away and I think that she may have been "taken advantage of", prior. In any case, she fell from the gate and was injured to an unknown degree. This is when Paulus Van Der Sloot becomes aware and involved and the Kalpoe brothers were called back to the residence to discuss the details of where their car and Joran in particular might have been seen with Natalee after Joran sneaked out and met up with her. This, because she was in bad shape or unconscious by the time Paulus Van Der Sloot comes into play. I believe that the Kalpoe cell phone record of the first call from Joran is going to show that Kalpoe was called from the Van Der Sloot home to come there and help remove Natalee; Not to pick up Joran from the Marriott area as they all now say. This would be why there was blood in the Kalpoe car. If they dropped off a deceased Natalee and Joran near the Marriott to meet the body-hider, they may have changed their story to Marriott beach to explain their car potentially being seen there. That's why the current lie reveals and refines Natalee's location as closer to the Marriott rather than the Holiday Inn. They are all still in cohoots but currently, the Kalpoes are trying to distance themselves from further involvement with Natalee once they dropped her and Joran at Van Der Sloots', since they were not at the scene when she died but they do have to cover for the first call received from Jorran, and they needed to cover for the potential of their car being seen at Marriott beach.

My contacts continually cite Paulus Van Der Sloot as the killer and they observe Natalee with tape or something was over her mouth. Because of this, I suspect that it was Paulus who suggested application of the tape or a gag while she was unconscious lest she come to and start hollering, and she suffocated or otherwise succumbed to her injuries while Paulus and Joran were trying to figure out what to do about her. I have mention of her being in a garage at a certain point in this, but I don't know if Van Der Sloots have a garage. If so, that's where they had her. I do not think that her death was intentional and it could be that they would have taken her to the hospital, but I do think that a trip to the hospital was not immediately undertaken as they discussed what to do with the circumstances at hand. She was probably at death's door and possibly showing evidence of being "taken advantage of" by the son. The circumstances had the potential to create a career derailing scandal for "The Judge" and she died as options were being weighed.


I don't think that Van Der Sloot, Sr. has ever had to dispose of a body before but he is in the position to know who would and could. He or Joran knew somebody on the Island in need of exchanging favors and my contacts are naming Lorenzo Van Rijn as that person. I don't know if they are related. Once the cover story was agreed upon between Van Der Sloot, Sr., Joran, the Kalpoes, Croe, and possibly some other confidants who were asked for advice, I believe that Lorenzo was called. He was asked to stash her and Natalee was taken by Joran with the returning Kalpoe(s) in Kalpoe's car to Lorenzo to remove the rest of the party except Joran from culpability for the actual disposal of Natalee. They most likely wanted Kalpoe(s) to take her to Lorenzo alone but they declined to go without Joran and possibly be held liable for the incident. Kalpoe(s) then dropped Natalee and Joran off with Lorenzo and the Kalpoes went home. Joran advises Kalpoe that he will be in contact via the internet later as a means to avoid more cell phone contact. I believe the Kalpoe mother is aware that the boy(s) left the house again.

After Natalee was hidden, Joran most likely walked home as he currently states. All of their stories are going to have an element of truth in order to cover potentially having been seen. I don't think that Lorenzo would be stupid enough to be seen dropping Joran back at the crime scene and I'm sure that daddy was cowering on the premises in a state of shock while she was being disposed of; hence text message to Deepak from Joran that he got home okay; indicating that the hiding task was completed without incident.

#1. Guard 1, (freed) #2. Guard 2, (freed) #3. Kalpoe 1,driver, (detained) #4. Kalpoe 2, story substantiator, (detained) #5 Kalpoe Mama, complicity, she knows her boy(s) did not stay home and went back out that night, (unsuspected) #6 Van Der Sloot 1, Romeo, (detained) #7 Van Der Sloot 2, technically the killer, (freed) #8 Croes, body-hiding consultant, (freed) #9 Van Rijn, body-hider, (unsuspected)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Paulus van der Sloot Banned From Aruban Courthouse (VIDEO) 10/14/05

Paulus van der Sloot Banned From Aruban Courthouse (VIDEO) 10/14/05

Jossy Mansur phoned in on Greta tonight and brought news about Paulus van der Sloot. When the latter cleaned out his desk in the Aruban court he worked was, it wasn’t because he quit, however because he was banned. According to Jossy, Paul is not allowed to enter a courtroom anymore unless it is for civil matters.

Jug Twitty appeared on the show to discuss what Beth will do when she arrives in Aruba. Twitty says she will meet with her lawyer and District Attorney Karin Jannsen. Jug also recounts the night he first encountered main suspect Joran van der Sloot.

The entire true Joran van der Sloot transcript

This is the real thing, uncut and unedited. What was broadcast on the Current Affair show and Cable "news" shows was edited and censored, as well as, cut and pasted, to give a very distorted view of what Joran had to say. What follows is the real thing, no cuts, no edits. It is very enlightening. You will be amazed at what you didn't hear broadcast.

The entire true Joran van der Sloot transcript
The actual dialog, unedited, uncut as it occurred on 9/26/2005

The worldwide exclusive interview with Joran in its entirety:

Reporter: I know you are a smart kid. We know you are an honor student. You are athletic. I am very glad I didn’t have to chase you because…

Joran van der Sloot: No, there is no use to start running or anything like that, since you guys are here anyway. But, I just wanted to say that I do feel bad for Natalee’s mother, if Natalee is really missing, if something bad happened to her. But yeah, I just want to say that I don’t like the way people are going around with this case. I don’t like the media attention. And, I don’t like that people start boycotting Aruba, because Aruba is a beautiful island and I love it. I lived there my whole life, and just makes me feel bad that so many people have to suffer now, because of one person missing.

Reporter: What was the last.. I know you had a little relationship with her a bit, right?. So, what would you... how would you describe her?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, when I talked to her she was very nice. And yeah, that is all I have to say.

Reporter: What were your feelings towards her?

Joran van der Sloot: I didn’t have any feelings towards her, because I met her that night. I didn’t know her before that.

Reporter: Ok, because I think she talked to some people, and I think she said, you guys had been going out a little bit before.

Joran van der Sloot: No, we had not gone out before at all.

Reporter: So, can you help us understand ‘cause I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, I mean you seem to be a guy who is smart and who knows what he is doing. So, can you understand why it seems you have not been forthcoming with the police?

Joran van der Sloot: I just hope that people leave me alone and I can live my life like a normal person. That is all I am hoping for. I know me and my friends lied. And I am really sorry for that. I feel horrible for that, I really do, but, I mean, I can’t take it back now. It is too late for that. But, I just want everybody to know that I did not harm Natalee in any way. And yeah, I just hope she is fine, I hope she is ok. And, I hope sooner or later, her family finds her.

Reporter: But, why did you lie that first time?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, I lied basically, because I was scared. And that is the truth.

Reporter: Right, you lied because you were scared.

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, because I didn’t want to admit to leaving her alone at the beach.

Reporter: And, what was going through your mind at that time?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, at that time, I don’t know. I was there. She didn’t want to come back to the hotel. I had school the next day. I told her I had to leave. And she didn’t want to listen, so, basically, I thought, "Ok, then, if you want to stay here, then you stay here." And that is the truth.

Reporter: And that is the last thing that happened?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, that is the last thing.

Reporter: And, what was the last thing that she said to you?

Joran van der Sloot: She didn’t say any last thing to me. The last thing that I said to her is, "Bye."

Reporter: You said, "Bye?"

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah.

Reporter: What about the other two guys? What did the kalpoe brothers…?

Joran van der Sloot: The other two guys dropped me off there, and from everything I know, they don’t know anything else. And I feel very sorry they got into this mess too. Because, somehow, I feel that it is my fault.

Reporter: The things about the beach obviously, you are three big guys. Do you have a sister?

Joran van der Sloot: I do not have a sister. I have two brothers.

Reporter: You have two brothers. So you have little ones. And you are the big one?

Joran van der Sloot: I am the oldest.

Reporter: Ok, so the oldest one usually has to be the most responsible one.

Joran van der Sloot: Yes

Reporter: I am the oldest too. How did you feel? She is a young girl. You are from Aruba. You were already there. You are the guy that knows everything about Aruba.

Joran van der Sloot: Well, first of all, she was 18 and I was 17, at the time. I know that does not say much. Because, I feel older. But, at the time, it didn’t seem like a bad thing. I mean, it didn’t seem bad. Now, I regret it, of course. I will probably regret it for the rest of my life. But, there is nothing I can do about it now. I can’t change time. I just want to go on with my life and I hope people let me go on with my life.

Reporter: I think they will, but I think the problem is, you have to understand, you are... you don’t have a child yet, but the mother, I mean, the Beth Holloway.

Joran van der Sloot: I do understand completely for her, and I feel horrible for her, but, what I don’t respect is her going on TV and boycotting Aruba. It makes no sense.

Reporter: But, she is going through so much personal pain. I mean the thing is, the problem is, she doesn't know what happened to her daughter.

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, and neither do I. So, what more do you want me to do? I told the truth. I know she knows the truth. And, I know she read most of the statements in the case and, yes, that is all.

Reporter: What is your theory of the case?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t have a theory, because I am not going to speculate what other people are doing, because all that people are doing is speculating. No one knows anything. For what everybody knows, she is a missing person. And I hope to God she is alive and I hope to God they find her.

Reporter: You are going to be doing something.

Joran van der Sloot: No, I don’t blame her at all for what she is doing. I don’t blame her at all. But, during the period I was in jail, I wanted to talk to her, I was willing to talk to her. My lawyer told me it wasn't the best thing to do, because she can say, I told her anything. And yeah, so, I didn’t talk to her. And now, I don’t feel like talking to her at all, because look at what she is doing to a beautiful island with a hundred thousand people on it that rely on tourism and she's boycotting an island that can have consequences for one hundred thousand people. Which, for me, it makes no sense at all.

Reporter: What are your plans now? What are you trying to do?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, I am studying business at the school here. Right now, I have to be getting to class, but, and I just plan to, at least, finish my first year and see how it goes.

Reporter: Do you have a girlfriend here?

Joran van der Sloot: No, I do not have girlfriend here.

Reporter: What are you planning to do with your life?

Joran van der Sloot: I plan to continue my life normally. I want to study sports management in the States. Obviously, that is not a good option now, the States. This case has been so blown up in the States, it is ridiculous. And, I just hope I can go on with my life. Let's see how things go. Hope the case gets solved. And, if it gets solved, then everything will be fine. I can go on with my life. I can even go continue my study in the States. I can do anything I want.

Reporter: Are you afraid? I mean, some people in the States are pretty upset with you, because they feel you are concealing something and a girl is missing.

Joran van der Sloot: I am not afraid. Afraid is a bad statement to use. I just don’t.... I understand (hearing) from people, "You lied, you must be hiding something." But, I am not hiding anything, but, I know only time will tell that. Then the truth will come out.

Reporter: And, I mean, what are, is, your worst nightmare in this situation?

Joran van der Sloot: My worst nightmare is, of course, is, if something bad happened to Natalee, everyone might think that I did it, maybe Deepak or Satish did it, and I feel that is what scares me a lot. That is the only thing that I am scared about.

Reporter: But, I mean the thing is for me... imagine you are involved in this completely, so, I mean, obviously it is very difficult for you to try and be objective. But, imagine seeing it from another person's perspective.

Joran van der Sloot: Oh, I have tried to see it from another person's perspective a hundred thousand times. I have tried to see it from an American point of view. I tried to see it from Natalee’s parents' point of view. I understand it for them. I really do. What they are doing, but it makes no sense to boycott an island that relies on tourism.

Reporter: I mean, I know you were 17 and she was 18, but she is a girl and you are a guy. The three big guys get into a car with a girl from high school and she disappears. She is never seen again. Obviously, people are going to be pointing their finger at you.

Joran van der Sloot: And, I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them.

Reporter: So, I mean what do you say to that?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t have anything to say to the people. I am just happy that so many people have supported me through this. I have not lost a single friend. I have also got so many support from so many Americans, which I didn’t expect. I am still getting letters, every week, from people that support me. And I am happy that there are a lot of good people in the world that do believe in me and that nothing bad happened. (Motorcycle noise)

Reporter: What do you feel in your heart?

Joran van der Sloot: In my heart, I feel bad, of course, because myself, I don’t know what happened and that bothers me a lot. And I just hope that everything comes out and I can have rest, too. I can sleep better at night also.

Reporter: So are you afraid of going back to prison?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, I mean, the three months I was in there, it was hard. It wasn’t fun at all, of course. But, I mean, I tried to make the best of it. I always kept my head up and I knew that I was innocent, so I knew that they would have to let me go. The other thing I don't respect, at all, is how people criticize my dad. The real thing is, because no one can make sense of the situation, they start pointing fingers all around and all of the evidence shows that nothing bad happened. There is not one tiny bit of evidence that points to us. They even tested my DNA and Satish and Deepak’s DNA, against the judge's orders, and they even found out that it wasn’t our DNA that was on Natalee’s toothbrush and I would like to know who’s DNA that was. I’d for them to maybe look at the kids that were in her group. The kids that came with her. I think that it is important not to have tunnel vision and not to point fingers at one person. But, to take the case and look in other directions.

Reporter: Now, for this grieving mother, all of America is going to watch this, because you are talking frankly for one of the first times…

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah, I don’t want to be talking right now, but it doesn't have much use to run away from you guys. And …

Reporter: What do you have to say, because a lot of people are going to be listening to what you have to say. They are going to try to understand what you have to say to her mother.

Joran van der Sloot: That is the point no one understands. No one understands and I am just happy my family supported me through this. My friends supported me through this. And, I still have so many people that love me.

Reporter: What do you have to say to Beth Holloway?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t have anything to say to Beth, not one thing at all.

Reporter: What are your memories of Natalee like?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t really have that many memories. I mean, I knew her for one night. I feel stupid…I feel horrible that I even went out that night without my father knowing. I should've just stayed home and this would not have happened to me. It would've happened to another person. I try to look at it, that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe even with the wrong people. And I just hope that the truth comes out. That this comes to some clarity in this case.

Reporter: But do you understand I mean how can a girl just disappear?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t know. I think that is the million dollar question now.

Reporter: I mean what happened that night? Why don’t you tell me what happened, just a little bit?

Joran van der Sloot: First of all, it is none of your business what happened. That is an investigation, which is still going on. And I just again, I am saying, I hope she is okay. I hope she is fine. And, I hope her parents find her.

Reporter: What happened down at the beach?

Joran van der Sloot: That is none of your business. That is part of the investigation.

Reporter: Ok. Have you had other girlfriends before?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, I have had other girlfriends before.

Reporter: And were you seeing anybody when you were with her?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, I was seeing someone when I was with her.

Reporter: So was that…were you cheating on this other person with her?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, I cheated on this other person with her.

Reporter: So, what happened as a result of that?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, obviously, she still supported me and we are still friends. And she came to visit me and she is a very nice person. I just…,of course, we broke up, of course, it….cause what I did was wrong.

Reporter: You mean, because you cheated with Natalee?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes.

Reporter: And, because you got into a lot of trouble?

Joran van der Sloot: And I got into a lot of trouble.

Reporter: If you can could do it over again what would you do?

Joran van der Sloot: I would've just stayed home that night. I would not even had gone out. It was Natalee, who asked me to go out with her. It was her that asked me to come to the club. It was her that was yelling at me to go dance with her. And I said…and I went to go drink something with my friends. It was her that wanted to come with us. I mean ,I don’t understand it myself. I don’t…yeah. (motorcycle noise)

Reporter: I mean, are you that irresistible? Is that is…

Joran van der Sloot: No, I don’t know. That is absolutely not what it is about. I don’t know. When her parents showed up at my door with her picture I didn’t even know who Natalee Holloway was. I didn’t even know her name.

Reporter: How can you not know her name, if you saw her the night before?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, I saw her the night before, but it was not like I had a conversation with her for 3 hours. I mean we barely talked. She told me a couple of things about herself, where she was going to school. Where she was from. She told me a couple of things about her family that I thought was really strange. And that was about it. (Motorcycle noise)

Reporter: What did she tell you? That you can remember.

Joran van der Sloot: She told me a lot of things. One thing she told me was that her mother was Hitler’s sister's daughter. I don’t know what she was talking, a lot of strange things. She told me she wanted to go to the light house and see sharks, which we never went to. But, I don’t know, she talked a lot of things. Obviously, she was drunk. I had stuff to drink too. Now, I don’t respect that the Aruban authority tried to pin that it was a rape case. She wanted to go with me. I wanted to go with her. It was totally consensual. I had something to drink. She had something to drink. And, I just don’t think it is fair that people…that they even held me three months, because, the fact is, that in the United States they would not even... they never would've even been allowed to arrest me. The Dutch system works in the way that, if…you can be arrested on suspicion. (Motorcycle noise) In the United States, you need hard evidence. There is not one evidence in this case that shows something bad happened. I have never touched a girl in an aggressive way in my life. There is not one girl that went forward and said otherwise. And, I only have good declarations in my name, so.

Reporter: But, I mean, I know you have don’t have a record, and I know that a lot of what you are saying appears to be true, but, I mean, essentially I see as if you are saying like you didn’t have anything to do with it. "She wanted to be with me she wanted to come out with us…"

Joran van der Sloot: That is truth.

Reporter: It is all her.

Joran van der Sloot: I am not saying its all her…I liked her. I thought she was very attractive and I went out with her. And that is how it went. We even stopped on our way outside of Carlos and Charlies... we stopped. She said that one of her friends yelled to her to get out of the car. She wanted to stay in the car. Deepak even stopped and allowed her if she wanted to get out. She said "No." And she stayed with us in the car. It was totally her choice.

Reporter: Right, but you guys are gentlemen. You don’t have a record…

Joran van der Sloot: No, we don’t have any police record.

Reporter: They (the Kalpoes) don’t have any record, either. So, I mean, how again can I ask you the same thing. You seem to be…I know you are a bright young guy, I know you are an older brother to somebody else, right? You explained that to me. How do you leave a girl on the beach?

Joran van der Sloot: Very irresponsible, I know, and that is the one thing I would like to take back. But, at the time, it just did not seem wrong.

Reporter: And the other thing is that is a little strange. There is nothing left. I mean, also her… there is no evidence. There is no body.

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t know what happened. I don’t know where she is. And…

Reporter: Where do you think she is?

Joran van der Sloot: I told you, I am not going to speculate what. That is all other people have been doing is speculating and there has been so much bullshit that people have have talked on TV, and people have come forward and said things that make no sense and things that… It is just sad what some people do.

Reporter: But, I mean you are from the island. You are not some guy who is a tourist, who does not know what is going on. So when I asked you what happened to her, I am not asking some guy that does not know anything. I am asking some guy that is from Aruba.

Joran van der Sloot: That is why, in the beginning, I thought she ran away with someone on the island. She ran away with a beach bum. I don’t know. Someone on the island that she might have met before. That was my first reaction. And yeah, and afterwards, that is what we talked about to the police, and the police even agreed with me, and I just feel bad. I really don’t know.

Reporter: So, what else can you say to try and tell Americans about your positions, about what you are doing and your feelings towards this whole thing?

Joran van der Sloot: I think it is sad. I really think it is absolutely sad. Sad, in a sense that I feel bad for Natalee’s parents, and sad in a sense about what people are doing and are treating this case, talking about cover ups and scandals. The other day, I saw something on the news that said that me and my dad had a credit line in the casino. People talk about things that make absolutely no sense. And it is really sad.

Reporter: Anything you want to ask? What about…

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t know, that is probably all speculations too. I heard stories that she was in Venezuela, sold into slavery or sex slavery. I don’t know. People are just trying to make up stories to find out what happened. And it is all sad.

Reporter: But, you are the last guy that was with her. I mean, there is….

Joran van der Sloot: I was the last guy who admitted to being with her, but ok.

Reporter: Ok, the last guy that was seen with her. I am going to put it to you that way. You guys were the last guys with her. If you guys had been a little bit more forthcoming… You are talking to me like you are kind of like a victim, in a way.

Joran van der Sloot: No, I am not a victim at all. I am not a victim at all. I said, I think it is sad, what the press is doing. But, I am not a victim at all. I know what I did was wrong, and for lying, I probably deserve to be in that jail for three months. But, I did not do anything against the law and they have to let you go. They have to let me get on with my life. And, I hope you guys let me get on with my life too.

Reporter: Well, I think if you can explain to people what really happened, and you were really forthcoming, the more forthcoming you are, the more chance there will be for you to get on with your life.

Joran van der Sloot: One day, I will explain exactly what happened, but, right now, I don’t feel ready to do that.

Reporter: Right. (phone rings) can you just explain to me any other thoughts? What about her… what was she like with you that night in a romantic way, I mean, how can you describe what she was like as a girl?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t really know what to say, she was very nice. She was kind, and I feel horrible, because she asked me to stay with her there and look at the stars, and I told her, I had to go to school, I had to go home, and I feel horrible about that.

Reporter: So, what happened? You guys just got into the car and left then?

Joran van der Sloot: I just went home, yes.

Reporter: You left. And then, a girl was just standing there on the beach. I mean, what is the deal?

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah, basically.

Reporter: How drunk was she?

Joran van der Sloot: She had a lot to drink. At Carlos and Charlies, she grabbed my hand for me to take jelly shots off of her. And afterwards, she asked me to buy a shot for her, buy her something to drink, which I did. And, that is all I saw that she drank. I didn’t see her drink anything else. But from the day…earlier, when I was with her friends at the Excelsior Casino at the Holiday Inn, the whole group was already drinking from five in the afternoon. And I didn’t really see her at that moment. I didn’t really notice her at that moment. But, I guess they came here to have a good time and to celebrate. And to throw their graduation also. And they might have all gone a little too far.

Reporter: What do you mean jelly shots with her. Off of her body?

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah.

Reporter: How does that work?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t know. I never did it myself before. She grabbed my hand and took me with her and asked me if I wanted to take jelly shots off of her.

Reporter: How does it work?

Joran van der Sloot: And she climbed on the bar. She laid down on the bar and she called over the bartender by name and he got a jelly shot for her and I took a jelly shot off of her.

Reporter: I don’t understand. Is it on her belly?

Joran van der Sloot: On her belly, yes.

Reporter: On her belly button?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes.

Reporter: And then, what do you do?

Joran van der Sloot: And then, you basically lick it off.

Reporter: How attractive did you think she was?

Joran van der Sloot: I thought that she was attractive.

Reporter: What kind of feelings did you have for her?

Joran van der Sloot: I didn’t have any feelings for her, because I did not know her at all. I just…the feelings that I had for her were because she was attractive.

Reporter: So you were hot for her?

Joran van der Sloot: I wouldn’t say that. I just thought she was attractive. I thought she was very outgoing, and that she came to me. She was the one that talked to me. She asked for me to dance with her, which I didn't even do. And she wanted to come with us. And, it was probably a bad choice. We probably should have told her she had to get out of the car when her friend told her she had to get out of the car and then nothing would've happened.

Reporter: What about the two brothers. Are they friends of yours?

Joran van der Sloot: Deepak and Satish, they were probably two of my best friends. Right now, at this moment, I am not even talking to them anymore. We are not friends anymore, because all of this happened. And...

Reporter: Why is that?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, because, obviously, all of us lied. We agreed to lie. I was the first one that changed my story. I don’t think they liked that, so they changed their story. And it, eventually everything went towards the truth. But, obviously, bad things were said about each other. And, it just hurts me that our friendship had to break up because of that.

Reporter: Are you covering for them?

Joran van der Sloot: I am not covering for them at all. And, I would not cover for them in such a big case with so many people got involved. My dad got arrested, which is absolutely ridiculous. I feel horrible, too, for Steve in Aruba, the DJ from Tattoo, because all he was trying to do was really help Deepak, like, providing us an alibi. I feel bad for him that he got arrested. I also think that it is ridiculous that my best friend, Freddy Sudam (sp?) got arrested. I think it is for taking a picture of a girl in a bikini. It is really sad.

Reporter: Do you have any other thoughts in terms of what Americans…again, people still think you are hiding a lot. I mean, even right now, I am asking you to tell me what happened and you are not really…

Joran van der Sloot: People can think all they want. That really does not bother me. I am just happy that there are people that do use their head and do believe in me.

Reporter: When you left her that night and what kind of expression did she have on her face?

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t know. I really don’t know what kind of expression she had on her face. I don’t even know what you mean with the question.

Reporter: What I mean is, you left her, right? Was she standing? Was she lying on the beach? What? When you left her?

Joran van der Sloot: When she came with me she was sitting at the beach.

Reporter: When you said you had to study. You had to go back go to school.

Joran van der Sloot: I had school the next day. And I did go to school the next day. And I did go to school the day after. And it's just I had to go home, I had to go to sleep. Yeah, when I got home, I went on the internet. I talked to Deepak for a while. So, the police could see exactly what time I got home. They can see it's obvious, if someone were to read the thing, it is almost impossible that a crime was committed.

Reporter: But, when you left her on the beach, she was sitting on the sand?

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah

Reporter: Which way was she facing? Was she facing towards the ocean?

Joran van der Sloot: She was facing towards the ocean. And before that, I had been laying with her at the beach. And she was facing towards the ocean when I left her.

Reporter: You were laying on the beach like how? Cuddling on the beach?

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah, cuddling.

Reporter: And then what happened? You said I have got to go home, because I have to get up for class tomorrow?

Joran van der Sloot: Uh... I told her I had to go home. I had school the next day, and I thought, maybe she'd understand. She told me, "No,." she wanted me to stay there with her. Because, the next day she was leaving. She wanted to stay there the whole night. I told her, "No," I had to go. I even lifted her up to carry her back to her hotel. And she told me, put her down.I left her there. I sat down and I started talking to her for a while. And I called Deepak, to ask him if he could come and pick me up, which Deepak didn’t do. but…

Reporter: was she angry?

Joran van der Sloot: She wasn't ... she wasn't angry. If anything she was probably more.. I don't know... upset that I was leaving her there. And, I don't know what reaction she had. I don't know

Reporter: How did you feel when you left her?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, at the time, I didn’t... I didn't feel it was a bad idea. At the time, I really didn’t. It didn’t seem wrong. It didn't seem... Of course, now I look back at it and I think, "Damn, I was... I'm an asshole. What did I do?" But, there is nothing I can do now. If I could have the moment back, I would make sure that she got back to her hotel safely. But, I can't change that now.

Reporter: Ok. What is the worst thing you think you have done since this all started?

Joran van der Sloot: The worst thing I did was leaving her there at the beach. That is the worst thing, possible thing, I could've done and then lie about it to try and make myself not look bad I guess.

Reporter: And why did you do that?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, I didn’t really think something bad happened to her and I don’t think
anyone in Aruba did. It is the truth. Tourists come to Aruba to have a good time and sometimes they don’t show up for a night or two and then they come back to their hotel. I thought that was the case. The local police thought that probably also thought that was the case. And, I just always hoped that she would just show up. And that is, yeah.

Reporter: What went through your mind when she didn’t show up?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, when she didn’t show up for the first couple of days, I was like, "Ok, but, you know, maybe, she's still with someone else." Then, after a while, cause there was 7 days, in between, when we gave our first witness statement and we were arrested, and I was just thinking I thought about going to the police and telling them the truth. But, I really couldn't, because I'd lied to everybody. I lied to my parents, I lied to my friends and (shrugs).

Reporter: So, you are saying that lying was your worst crime?

Joran van der Sloot: Yeah.

Reporter: Now, lying is a crime isn’t it? When you interfere with a police investigation?

Joran van der Sloot: Lying.. I don’t think lying is a crime. Lying is probably not ethical, but it is not a crime.

Reporter: If you interfere with a police investigation?

Joran van der Sloot: If you interfere with a police investigation it is still not a crime.

Reporter: Maybe here in Holland? You are saying you admit that you are a liar that night. You admit that you lied and and I think…. some people say that, I mean, you are admitting that you are lying, but you are doing a lot more than that. you have done worse things than that.

Joran van der Sloot: And, I would like for someone to come up and tell me if there is anything worse I did, because, I have never touched a girl in an aggressive way in my life. Never, and there is no one that can come forward and say otherwise. And yeah, I just feel bad for everything that happened. I feel bad for Natalee’s family. I feel bad for my family. I feel bad for Deepak and Satish’s family. And I feel bad for everyone that has suffered because of all of this.

Reporter: Since you are coming forward now to some degree, did you have sex with her that night?

Joran van der Sloot: First of all, that is none of your business.

Reporter: It is just a question.

Joran van der Sloot: But, it is absolutely none of your business.

Reporter: Did anything else happened that night?

Joran van der Sloot: No. Well, yes, I kissed with her. but., neither did Deepak or Satish ever had sex with her and no one ever said otherwise. I saw a tape from Deepak on TV saying something, which makes absolutely no sense. I think that tape was edited. I think people cut and pasted these pieces. I am sure about that, cause it didn’t even sound like Deepak’s voice. But, not me, not Deepak or Satish had sex with her and that is in all the documents. And none of us had ever said anything like that. and yeah I just think it is sad how Natalee’s mom comes forward and starts saying things against us that don’t make sense and are not true.

Reporter: I mean you seem to be fairly concerned about this, but I am just wondering the emotions. What people’s impression is going to be of you, in terms of….

Joran van der Sloot: Well, that is what I think it maybe one of the good points about me; I really don’t care what people think about me.

Reporter: But, you don’t want to give people the impression that you are calloused.

Joran van der Sloot: I don’t want to give the impression that I am…

Reporter: You are not a father.

Joran van der Sloot: I know, and I understand that, for her father. And I understand from my father and I just feel bad because of everything that happened. And, I don’t want people to think that I am a person without feelings, person without anything, because I did suffer a lot because of this. I cried, I don’t know how many times in my cell. I just felt horrible, but I want to go on with my life and there is nothing I can do about it now.

Reporter: And what was it like in your cell?

Joran van der Sloot: In my cell it was, I was with two other people in my cell. The people were very nice. The guards were very nice. And I was treated well there.

Reporter: And what kind of things did you do in the cell?

Joran van der Sloot: We didn’t do much. I read a lot of books. I studied for school. There is a lot of things. We played soccer there. Yeah. I tried to keep myself busy and not think too much. But, of course, they interrogated me sometimes morning to night. And it just... yeah.

Reporter: What were the interrogations like?

Joran van der Sloot: The interrogation, of course, were horrible, because they put stuff in your head. I think if you have a weak person in the interrogation room, I think, even if they are innocent, I think they will admit to doing a crime just to be let alone. Just to leave them alone. Just to get something to eat. To get something to drink. The Aruban interrogators might have been a little kinder than the Dutch interrogators. Because, they really try to make you look guilty, even if you are not guilty or not.

Reporter: Can you describe a little bit what it is like in an interrogation room?

Joran van der Sloot: You basically sit in a room in a chair with two cameras pointing on you. Since the last month, I did not talk to the interrogators, I just sat there and looked at them and they basically just kept asking me questions, making up stories referring to other documents.

Reporter: And how long did this go on for?

Joran van der Sloot: What do you mean?

Reporter: The interrogation?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, in the beginning, the interrogation could've gone from 8 in the morning to 11 at night. But, at the end, they slowly became, less and less, because they did not have more things to ask. And, I don’t think there is anything else to ask here. I haven’t been interrogated yet here in Holland. No one has come to investigate me and I know it is because there is nothing else to ask. Every question I have answered.

Reporter: Are you still a suspect?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, I am still as suspect. It is just that my detention even got prolonged with 30 days. It is just there is not evidence to hold me any longer in a jail cell and it makes no use since I can continue my study and they can just here in Holland they can interrogate me whenever they want. There was an appeal by actually the attorney general there to try and hold me back and the higher court, which is three judges from Curacao, they even decided that I can travel anywhere in the world that I want. I can do anything I want. But, I remain a suspect, and in 30 days my lawyers will have to go to court in Aruba and see what happens again.

Reporter: So, you are still a suspect?

Joran van der Sloot: Yes, I am still as suspect.

Reporter: How does it feel to be a suspect?

Joran van der Sloot: It does not feel good, of course, and I hope that when the 30 days passes, I am not a suspect anymore, but I am here. I feel a lot more free, I can just study and work on my school. Soon, I am going to go tonight to be at my house. I have to learn to be alone. And, I think it is very important for me to think about my study and make sure that I do good in school.

Reporter: You seem like a composed young man, but the issue I am going to ask you this again, you seem a bit cold. You seem like you don’t have much emotion when it comes to her. Are you being reserved and not showing it, or do you really not feel that much about…

Joran van der Sloot: Well, of course, I am trying to be reserved, but and, of course, I feel. I would never called myself cold ,but it's just I do feel a lot for her. I just try not to think about it as much as I can. I try to just go on with my life.

Reporter: If you felt a lot for her, wouldn’t you be more forthcoming with her mother?

Joran van der Sloot: Well, I didn’t know her that long. And, I didn’t like how her mother treated my family, treated my dad and treated other Aruban people. I don’t respect that at all. I do think that in terms of suffering, that the suffering that you experienced in jail and all of that could not even remotely come close to anything the mother would be experiencing in terms of missing a daughter. No, I mean I can’t say I understand for her, cause I can’t, cause I don’t have a daughter and my daughter is not missing. But, I do know, she must be going through a lot of pain. But, again it does not make sense to make other people suffer, because she is suffering and that is what I feel like she is doing, but that is about enough. If you guys want to talk we can talk a different time.

Reporter: Do you have a nickname for her at all?

Joran van der Sloot: No.

Reporter: Thank you very much. Can we just get shots of you walking here?
(Joran walks away. He talks to his father, standing nearby.)

Above is the real thing, uncut and unedited. What was broadcast on the Current Affair show and Cable "news" shows was edited and censored and cut and pasted to give a very distorted view of what Joran had to say. What you just read is the real thing, no cuts, no edits. It is very enlightening. It is amazing what you didn't hear broadcast.

Suspect In Natalee Holloway Case Changes Story

Suspect In Natalee Holloway Case Changes Story

October 13, 2005

One of the suspects in the Natalee Holloway case has changed his story.

Deepak Kalpoe told a polygraph expert that he and his brother and Joran van Dersloot had sex with the Mountain Brook teen.

According to the new police chief in Aruba, if the tapes are accurate, this is the first time Deepak Kalpoe has admitted to having sex with Natalee Holloway. The change in Deepak Kalpoe's statement could have a profound effect on the case.

They always denied having sex with this young girl," said Deputy Chief Gerald Dompig. "And so, in looking at the tapes, to watch if this is really what this gentleman has said, then it is totally contrary to what he has declared at our police station."

Dompig said the new version of the story could land Kalpoe back behind bars.

"I assure you that, once this is verified, and if it's legitimate, the case will turn around fully," Dompig said. "And it will be for us absolutely enough new information to talk once more to this young man, or, as a matter of fact, with maybe to all three."

Natalee's mother, Beth Twitty, said that she is guardedly encouraged, but she questions the integrity of previous statements made to police.

She said van Dersloot told police early on in the investigation that Natalee went in and out of consciousness while he had sex with her.

According to Dompig, van Dersloot never made that statement to them.

Twitty said she and Natalee's father, Dave Holloway, are going back to Aruba next week. Water searches will be conducted and the Texas-based Equisearch will head back to the island to help search for Natalee, who has been missing since Memorial Day weekend.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

A look back at some of Greta Van Susteren's blog entries

Time Flies
Friday, August 26, 2005
By Greta Van Susteren

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Update: Under the category "you can't plan in this business," I had expected to take Friday night off, but now I will be working. We have lots to report and it makes sense for me to come in off vacation since I have been steeped in the Natalee Holloway (search) story since the beginning. Here is what happened this morning:

Early this morning I got a tip: The Kalpoe brothers (search) have been re-arrested and another suspect was also under arrest. The arrest was at 6 a.m. Because rumors run wild in Aruba on this case, we wanted to get another source. We did not dare report it until we were absolutely certain.

Calls went out quickly everywhere for confirmation and our producer in Aruba (George Szucs) got busy... very, very, very busy. Armed with his cell phone, his video camera and the car, he took off to chase down the story.

We also solicited the help of investigative reporter, Tito Lacle. With "all hands on deck," our people were able to get the arrest confirmed. In fact, in short order, we had two confirmations of our original tip.

I was also told by my producer in Aruba that there would be an 11 a.m. court hearing. A very short time later, he was at the courthouse — way ahead of everyone (including the parties to this investigation.) I called him on his cell several times and at one time said, "What's going on?" He said, "I am the only one here."

A short time later — and well before 11 a.m. — he called and told me that the Kalpoe brothers' mother had arrived. Since the producer and I have met many times with her, she was easily recognizable to him. He attempted to talk to her but she did not want to talk. This is understandable.

Needless to say, all morning long, we have all been pounding the phones. We are learning much about the other person arrested — Freddy — and will give you those details at 10 p.m. tonight.
What has caught my attention most is the timeline we have pieced together. From Satish's lawyer the other night on the show, we learned that someone was on the Internet at the Kalpoe residence from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. Why did that person get off the Internet at 3 a.m.? Note that 3 a.m. is the exact time that Joran van der Sloot's (search) second call went to Deepak's cell phone (the first was 2:40 a.m.)

Searching for Answers

What does it take? On Tuesday night we did a segment on a stolen $7 million large private jet. The jet was stolen from a Florida airport and taken to a Georgia airport, landed, and abandoned. No one — except those involved — saw the take off or the landing. At best, the authorities only know a jet was stolen and flown. They have no idea who did it or what cargo, if any, was transported.

What I don't understand is how does this happened post 9/11? With all our attention on security at airports and with airplanes, how did this happen? What didn't we learn? This should be a wake up call about security flaws since we know airplanes can be used as bombs.

I am having a hard time thinking what Beth Holloway Twitty (search) can do that she has not already done. Any ideas? At this point she accepts her daughter's death (although I imagine a small part of her still has some hope until she has absolute proof.) She wants to know what happened, why it happened and of course would like to see justice. In the many days I spent with her in Aruba, we often spoke about how every other parents' nightmare was a dream for her. Most — if not all — parents would be heartbroken to find a daughter in a prostitution ring and addicted to crack. But at this point, Beth would be thrilled to find Natalee in that situation. It would mean her child were alive. She would love the chance to "fix" her child. Instead she finds herself in the position of seeking justice for her child and the chances of justice seem slim at this point.

Dompig : it'd take over 2 days to go over all of Joran's inconsistent statements

From MSNBC on Wednesday October 12 : Dan Abrams show, interview with Dompig...

Abrams : we have heard that Joran made inconsistent statements, true ?

Deputy Chief Dompig : that is correct

Abrams : what were they inconsistent about ?

Deputy Chief Dompig : well uh , it would take me, I think, a little over 2 days to go over all the inconsistencies, none of the stories match up

but yet, Dan Riehl is over at his site saying that Joran only changed his story once and that it is Beth making up all the whole "different stories" story, but the Deputy Chief of police says it would take over 2 days to go over all of the inconsistent stories from Joran, proving Dan Riehl is the one lying.

It will be great to get the official transcript from MSNBC about today's interview between Dan Abrams and Dompig and Beth, Dompig said some important stuff.

(from blogs for Natalee)

Suspect Steve Croes To Sue Beth Twitty (VIDEO) 10/12/05

Suspect Steve Croes To Sue Beth Twitty (VIDEO) 10/12/05

Jossy Mansur appeared on Greta to talk about Suspect/Former Suspect Steven Croes suing Beth Twitty. The reason why is unclear however Jossy discusses the possibilities.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Picking Sides

I was thinking about this subject a lot, and I decided to write a paper about it for my English class for college. I am hoping I will get some of you guys to give your opinions for me. Why do you really pick sides in situations or cases like this? When the main point should be to worry about the missing girl and be looking for her why does everyone pick sides. Of course I have my opinions on the case, but this paper guidelines say that I have to stay neutral while writing so I am going to let you guys tell me. Hell really I tried to stay neutral, but it is hard with some things, but now I promise I will if you give me your honest opinion on why you choose sides. Also if you could give me feedback on what you believe should happen or what you think is really going on with the case.

Tito Lacle on Greta 10/11 (VIDEO)

Tito Lacle on Greta 10/11 (VIDEO)

Mostly the typical say what you think they want to hear fluff, and no substance. I especially liked the part about we dont have enough to detain them on sexual assault charges, but we will in a little bit. Can you say "KEYSTONE COPS". Does not make me feel too confident that the suspects will ever be charged with anything.

Video here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

O’Reilly: Boycott Aruba? (VIDEO) 10/10/05

O’Reilly: Boycott Aruba? (VIDEO) 10/10/05

O’Reilly interviews Lisa Wayne, a Defense Attorney and Rod Wheeler, a Homicide Detective about the current “investigation” in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Wheeler thinks the investigation has been botched since the beginning and that it’s been entirely too much time to not have results (Side note: Investigating is his job). Wayne (a lawyer) defends the Aruban police and say we should give it more time and not prejudge.

Beth Twitty on Scarborough: “New” Evidence (VIDEO) 10/10/05

Beth Twitty on Scarborough: “New” Evidence (VIDEO) 10/10/05
Beth Twitty appeared on Scarborough Country last night to talk about Skeeter’s taped confession of Deepak being inserted as evidence in the Aruba investigation. Beth went to go on that the Aruban investigators knew about this interview (as it has been out for several weeks) but haven’t shown anything to prove that they have act upon it.

Transcript can be found here:

Crier: No Charges May Be Caused By Politics (VIDEO) 10/10/05

Crier: No Charges May Be Caused By Politics (VIDEO) 10/10/05

Related: I thought that Ruben Trapenberg was fired from his position as Aruban Government Spokesman. Apparently I was wrong.

Nevertheless, Trapenberg appeared on Live and Direct last night along with Catherine Crier. Crier suggested politics may be the reason why none of the three suspects have been charged with anything, even though one of the boys has admitted to drugging and raping Natalee Holloway.

Transcript found here:

Aruba's statement

Beth is going back to Aruba next week

Joe Scarborough had Beth on for 8 minutes and Joe really supported her. Joe said that he would not let his children travel to Aruba and said that if we boycott Aruba that we could break the back of their tourism industry.

Beth said she will return to Aruba next week, that she wants 2 searches to be conducted; one on land and another in the water. Beth also said she wants to meet with the prosecutor and discuss Beth's police statement which she says was not transcribed correctly. It was a great interview, Joe was so nice to her

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fight Against Sex Trafficing

Here are some addresses and information to contact organizations about Sex trafficing. Perhaps if enough of us send in email to those listed they will investigate into Aruba, Netherlands and more into South America. Specifically into Aruba and this Lions Den. Something has to be done. Madeleine Albright also might be someone to contact on this case alone.

I got this information off of the Oprah site.

Madeleine Albright

Take Action!Sexual trafficking affects millions of women worldwide — but you can do something to help give these women a better life. Here are some specific ways to take action:

International Justice MissionThe International Justice Mission works to rescue girls from forced prostitution--working with indigenous government officials and even raiding brothels. (888) 456-4499

The Heifer Project Buy a farm animal for a needy woman, and you'll be giving her the resources to support herself. (800) 489-5575

Maiti NepalThis Nepali organization crusades to help victims of sexual trafficking. Sponsor a victim, make a donation, or just find out more information.

National Worker Exploitation Task ForceIf you suspect anyone of human trafficking, contact this U.S. government task force. (888) 428-7581

International Organization for Migration For more information on trafficking or what you can do: call 1-202-862-1826, ext. 228 log on to

Videos from Search for Natalee Raise More Questions (From Scared Monkeys)

In the early days of the investigation, some videos were posted on June 11th to an Aruban websites,, that showed people searching an area near the lighthouse. It was presumed that they were searching for Natalee Holloway. Shortly after they were posted online at this site, they were removed. The reason for the removal was that the videos were posted to help prove the security guards initially arrested were innocent, and then removed when the guards were released.

The videos are from a handheld camera and and show the police searching near some large rocks, and during the search they put up a tarp and then mark the rocks. The timing of the videos was the day after the Aruban and Dutch authorities mistakenly announced Natalee was dead, and were going to retrieve the body. That is why the folks followed them and recorded it.

Although these videos are inconclusive, they are interesting and present some unanswered questions.


Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, Video 7, Video 8

Aruba Deputy Chief of Police on The Big Story (VIDEO) 10/08/05

Aruba Deputy Chief of Police on The Big Story (VIDEO) 10/08/05

Aruba’s Deputy Chief of police Gerold Dompig called in on The Big Story to talk about the “ongoing” investigation in the search for Natalee Holloway. When asked about Joran van der Sloot, he says “we continue to monitor to him”. When asked if he thinks Natalee is dead, he dodges the question. When asked if he thought one of the three boys killed Natalee, he dodgedthe question.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Lion’s Den - An Aruban Odyssey in Search of Truth

The Lion’s Den

An Aruban Odyssey in Search of Truth

As Jim and I left LAX on September 2nd, the air of mystery was evident. Before even making it off U.S. soil, we were "passed off" to several parties intent on keeping a watchful eye on us. To the untrained this would have gone unnoticed but in our line of work the direct approach in Los Angeles and the quizzing by a stranger on the flight from Miami were obvious. So what began as a pleasure trip for us, turned into a very unusual "working vacation". Even after landing in Aruba, our surveillance continued. It was at this point we attempted to shake the guy tailing us--and we were actually successful for a short while! After checking into the Marriott, Jim and I decided to take a short walk around the area and it was then we observed the infamous Tattoo (of Steve Croes fame) pulling into the dock. We immediately pointed the boat out to a man on a neighboring ship who, although he was looking straight at the Tattoo, he disputed it being the same boat! As we began to walk away I looked up and once again, there he was…our tail. From his position, it was obvious he thought we were guests at the Holiday Inn (not the Marriott) so we purposely walked away in the direction of the Holiday Inn. An Aruban informant told Jim and Leslie that he knew where Natalee was taken. He was certain. He said to "get on the main road heading to Oranjestad. When you see the Wendy's by The Wyndham, it is on "that" street. The street Wendy's is on is about one to one and a half kilometers on the right hand side. You can't miss it.

He also stated:
That everyone on the island knows about that place but no one talks about it.
Weird stuff happens there.
Freddy takes his pictures there.
That is where the guys take women to have sex.
That is where the really Bad Guys are. (Scarface possibly secures the place)
No one goes near that place.
He (the guide) was not going to take us there. (No Way!)
Be very careful.

Interesting site:

Website info was originally posted at:

Friday, October 07, 2005

Maybe we could get a cd single dedicated to Natalee for her birthday

I was thinking since Natalee's birthday was coming up(October 21st) we all could write into Michael Buble who wrote the song "Home" which I have on my Natalee website, and see if he could some how make it into a cd single dedicated to her. I think if a lot of us wrote into him he might actually do it. This song really reminds me of Natalee everytime I hear it so I really think he might consider. Plus stars like that will get involved with things like this to help not only for the cause, but we know it makes them look good, and they all like that.

So here is all the information on how to write him:
Go to his website which is

Then you go to enter site then down to write on the little menu. Then write him a letter saying how you believe he should get invovled and make a cd single of his song "Home", to help in the search for Natalee. Make sure to add that it is her birthday coming up too. He's a really nice guy, and I guess he gets involved in a lot of different charity events. So I really believe he would do this.

If you want to hear the song go to my website-

Just an idea hope everyone will write in, me and about 8 of my friends already have. Be sure to tell us if you wrote him.

Dave Holloway on Greta: “I’m Losing My Patience” (VIDEO) 10/06/05

Dave Holloway on Greta: “I’m Losing My Patience”

Dave Holloway says he is getting fed up and losing his patience with Aruba and the investigation. Who can blame him?

Beth Twitty On Crier: The Suspects (VIDEO) 10/06/05

Beth Twitty On Crier: The Suspects (VIDEO)

Beth Twitty appeared on Catherine Crier to talk about the Deepak interview among other things. The two discussed the current relationship between Joran and the Kalpoe brothers. At the moment Joran is in the Netherlands while the two brothers reside in Aruba. We also learn that Joran has a half-brother in Aruba who is a known DRUG DEALER. Beth notes that the brother is a possible suspect.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Loverboy Joran is Back

Holloway Twitty: Van der Sloot Admitted To Sexual Assault

Holloway Twitty: Van der Sloot Admitted To Sexual Assault

by Mike Baron
Oct 6, 2005

The mother of a missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway said Tuesday that a Dutch youth was lying when he denied that he and two other men had sex with the teen before she disappeared during a trip to Aruba.

Beth Holloway Twitty, in response to statements from Joran van der Sloot in an interview with the magazine show "A Current Affair," said on Tuesday that van der Sloot has admitted sexually assaulting her missing daughter.

Holloway Twitty, appearing Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" and CBS's "The Early Show," said van der Sloot and the brothers Satish and Deepak Kalpoe told Aruban authorities they had sex with her daughter after leaving a bar on the night of May 30.

Van der Sloot, 18, has acknowledged spending the evening with Holloway before her disappearance, but denies any wrongdoing.

In the interview, which aired Monday, van der Sloot says, "I kissed with her but neither did Deepak or Satish ever have sex with her and no one ever said otherwise."

"He admitted this to the interrogators .... He admitted this in front of 10 witnesses in the early morning hours of May 31st of the sexual assault that he committed against Natalee. So, yes, that is a fact," Holloway Twitty told CBS' "The Early Show," according to CNN.

"When her parents showed up at my door with her picture, I didn't even know who Natalee Holloway was," Van der Sloot told Current Affair, "I didn't even know her name."

To that, Twitty told Storm, "There have been so many lies that have come out of Joran van der Sloot's mouth that it's so -- sometimes I think the only facts we have are all of his lies. It's just incredible that he is going to make a statement like that, that he does -- did not even know her name."

In the interview, van der Sloot says he and the others got together and lied initially to police and to everybody about what happened that night, saying they brought Holloway back to her hotel. Then he says he left her at the beach, but that it was at her request. He says, "I even lifted her up to carry her back to the hotel, and she told me to put her down." He says the only mistake he made was leaving her at the beach.

"The 'only' mistake he made," Twitty said. "You know, I am not even sure if we've gotten to the last disclosed location where Joran last left and saw Natalee."

Holloway, an 18-year-old honors student, had graduated from high school in Mountain Brook, Alabama, and was participating in a class trip to Aruba. She was last seen leaving a bar with the three youths.

Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers had been held as suspects in the disappearance. But no charges were filed against any of the three, who were finally released after an investigation into a possible sexual assault and murder yeilded no evidence of wrongdoing.

"I don't respect that the Aruban authority tried to pin that it was a rape case," van der Sloot told the television show, according to published reports. He went on to say that both he and Holloway had been drinking when they left the bar. "She wanted to go with me. I wanted to go with her. It was totally consensual."

"It almost sounds like to me that she is drugged. And in his statements, also, he's saying that she's coming in and out of consciousness. That just doesn't sound like just drunk. It sounds like to me it's a possibility she could have been drugged, also," Holloway Twitty said.

There have been a slew of false leads and rumors swirling around this case since it began. The Holloway family has had to endure rumors from one end of the spectrum to the next.

One report out of Aruba in August had a newspaper printing what it claimed to be a signed police interview in which Joran van der Sloot told interrogators that Deepak Kalpoe raped, killed and buried Natalee Holloway.

Another has all three of boys admitted to having sex with her as she "slipped in and out of consciousness." This is one of the issues that have Beth Holloway-Twitty enraged. "If that doesn't constitute gang rape.." Holloway-Twitty reportedly said.

On a recent segment of the Dr. Phil show - Deepak Kalpoe can be heard on tape admitting that he, along with Joran and Satish, had sex with Natalee. He even went so far to state "how easy it was". He went on to say "To tell you quite frankly, she dressed like a slut, talked like one."

"Let me ask you this," Jamie Skeeters, a polygraph expert, hired by the "Dr. Phil" show can be heard on the tape saying to to Deepak Kalpoe. "I hear you can pay a bartender to slip a date rape drug in her drink."

"I've never drugged someone," Deepak Kalpoe said.

"Have you heard that happen?" Skeeters asked.

"I haven't heard the bartender story," Deepak Kalpoe said. "I have heard the drug ecstasy. I've heard they slip that into drinks."

But Deepak Kalpoe offered no clues as to where to find Holloway.

"If I knew were the body is, I would tell them a long time ago," Deepak Kalpoe said. "Let them start the trial and get this over with. I don't care."

Joran Van der Sloot, 18, is currently attending college in Holland. Holloway's mother said she plans to go to Holland "to make sure that everyone realizes and still knows that the reward money is still out there. We have $1 million for a safe return, $250,000 for the whereabouts of Natalee. And we've had posters printed in Dutch that we will be distributing in Amsterdam."

-- Compiled from wire reports