Saturday, October 01, 2005

Call from Boston - possible location of Natalee Holloway

Call from Boston - possible location of Natalee Holloway

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Monday afternoon, DIARIO received a call from a Chilean lady in Boston.

(2nd paragraph...cant translate)

The day hurricane Katrina hit theUS, the lady, who lives in Boston was talking with her sister in Chile. For one reason or another, the telephone lines crossed and all of a sudden she was listening in to an American man speaking to another.

One of the men was telling the other that he was recently in Bogota, Colombia, that he went to a brothel and a young woman working there looked very shy, and he thinks it was Natalee Holloway.

His friend asked if he was sure, and his friend then said that he was quite certain that it was Natalee Holloway.

Her hair was tinted black, and she was wearing a lot of makeup on her face.

The friend asked if he was going to tell the FBI or someone else so that something is done, but the man said he works in washington, and for fear that his family finds out the place he frequented, he won't risk saying something about the matter.

The Chilean lady tells DAIRIO that from what she could gather from the conversation, the establishment is one that highly placed men frenquent, like senators and big businessmen.

During the conversation, she also heard that one of the men thinks that perhaps the father of the Dutch youngster is involved in the Colombian prostitution business.

According to the Chilean lady, different international media published the JvdS story and that his father traveled to Colombia frequently and she asked herself why he would.

The lady also said that she has a 19 year old and feels for the family who is looking for Natalee and hopes that this information can be of help.

[translated by Getagrip]


Anonymous Antoinette said...

This is gossip, and a lot of people I bet is going to believe, Think is South America, more in Colombia the people would not shut up, because is a million and if they kidnape for 100, thousand this will be the jack pot,
Second why that lady did not give her name? Beth Tweety witness never showed up, no names and no faces.
Third, dealers in South America, are able to have better girls, no problems, at the time they wish.
Only winners is Beth that is collecting funds, and the press that is selling the story... GOSSIP!!!!!!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think this one is bogus. This story was already told about another girl.

12:52 AM  

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