Monday, October 03, 2005

Dave Holloway Rejects The Demand For Boycott Against Aruba

Father of missing teen Natalee Holloway came to Aruba to show support for local police.

While Beth Twitty is calling for a boycott against Aruba, and now even has the support of TV psychologist Dr. Phil, father of the missing American teen Natalee Holloway, namely Dave Holloway is on Aruba to show support for the local authorities

“I am here to here to meet with the Prosecution to see if they are still on track, and to assure the police corps I am still with them, that I am still supportive of them and of the people of the island,” Holloway stated. “Because, it is only with the help of Aruba that we can eventually solve this case.”

Dave Holloway distanced himself right away from the Dr. Phil show, during which the mother of Natalee Holloway, Beth Twitty, spoke about so-called confessions and that despite these confessions, the courts in Aruba still allowed the three suspects to go free. To her, and to Dr. Phil this is proof of corruption and cover-up.

Holloway emphasized the opinion of Dr. Phil does not reflect his thoughts on the case, and every American watching the program should draw his or her own conclusion. The call for boycott was “an independent decision of Beth and Dr. Phil. I can speak for myself. I have family and friends who have regular jobs and I don’t see why a 100 thousand people should be penalized for the actions of possibly three or more individuals who are not even from this island.”

The father of the missing Alabama teen never used the expression of corruption in this whole ordeal. He believes the police here was on the wrong track in the beginning, but after the first few days they got back on track. “But obviously, you get behind. It has been three and a half months and Natalee has still not been found. But I am a very patient man. The investigation will continue, and I wanted to tell the police I am still with them. They are totally committed to this case. They had some set back. But you know, they just have to work harder.” Dave Holloway reminded everyone, that there were cases that took much longer to be solved.

As for the proofs according to Beth he stated, “I have seen the Dr. Phil show, we all watched the Dr. Phil show. I don’t want to get into that. I’m looking into what can we do to move the case forward. I have some information I wanted to share with the police department."

Dave Holloway also explained he will not share information with the media, since he gave his word to the Police authorities that no new development in the investigation will be leaked to the media. He also said that in the beginning, when Natalee first went missing, he tried his best to stay out of the limelight, and avoided the US media. However, at a certain point, he had to talk. And he will continue to talk to the press, only he will not divulge sensitive information.

The father of Natalee Holloway is grateful for all the help he received and is still receiving. For instance, Holloway is happy with the assistance of people who came to Aruba to help, from tourists who sacrificed their vacation to help search, to the numerous Arubans who voluntarily were helping out. He is also aware there were others who came to the island to ‘to get attention in order to sell their wares.”

The Natalee Holloway Fund

The Twitty family set up a Natalee Holloway Fund in Alabama, and at this time, Dave Holloway has no access to the money raised. “I am not sure about the reasons why. I will look into that. But I’ve been able to fund my trips down here with the help of my Church.”

Dave Holloway also made use of the opportunity to clear some misconceptions. For instance, he denies Natalee had a million dollar figure insurance policy, or that Natalee may have wanted to run away. She had simply too many plans for the summer, before entering University life.

However, he is not rejecting other possibilities of what may have happened with his daughter. The only sure thing is that she left Carlos’ and Charlie’s with the three suspects.

For instance, it was surprising for Dave Holloway to find out only now, that Natalee’s two step cousins were here with her during this ill fated trip. The police will remain in charge of the investigation, and there may be a number of theories what might have happened to her. “And that is why it is so important for anyone who has a tip, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to provide this to the police or on the website. Everyone will be protected.”

In the meantime, Dave Holloway will continue searching for his daughter, who before leaving for Aruba found time to send her dad a ‘thank you’ note for the $500 graduation gift she received from him. Money she immediately put on her bank account.

“I will continue searching, with the cooperation of the Aruba police. If I have to wait years, I will do so. Only God knows why we have to take this path. And even though we may not understand why, I am sure there is always a good reason for it.”

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I have to disagree with information on this write up. Beth never actually called for a boycott on Aruba. She simly asked families of America to consider not traveling to Dutch territories until Natalee was returned to her family.

Then there is a part when they say there is no proof of the government being corrupt, but there is also no proof that they were not corrupt.

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