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Dave Holloway: “So maybe they took a different avenue. Who knows?”

Dave Holloway went On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to discuss his recent trip to Aruba and meeting with the prosecutor. What did it accomplish, where is the investigation and Dave’s thoughts about the investigation and Joran Van der Sloot’s recent ‘Current Affair’ interview. A couple of key points come out in this interview as to who is doing the investigating/searching and some new wrinkles into Dave’s thinking.

(transcript from “On the Record,” September 28, 2005.)

VAN SUSTEREN: Dave, I guess I should first ask you how you’re doing. It’s been a long time since May 30. I know you’ve been back and forth to Aruba and still no sign of your daughter.

HOLLOWAY: Well, it stays on your mind every day. You just can’t keep thinking about what happened and try to theorize what took place that night. But you know, things are getting better, and we’re getting back to, I guess, a normal life, so to speak. But it’s still tough and it stays on your mind constantly.

Dave Holloway then discusses the meeting with the Prosecutor and politely as Dave always does talks of the communication that is needed and that everyone is on the same page in the investigation. A point that sadly must continue to be made four months into an investigation that has been the root of much frustration.

HOLLOWAY: Well, we discussed communications. That was one of the big issues. There seemed to be — you know, everyone was not really on the right page, and I wanted to just meet with them and, you know, Here’s my information. Here’s some tips and some information I received from the Web site that — or the e-mail address that we had set up: And I gave them a lot of that information. And I really wanted to talk to the police investigator. Since I had not spoken with Eric Sommers, I wanted to meet with him, get his take on where the investigation is heading and also provide him with some of these leads.

The following are a list of key points from the interview that should be made:

1) Have the suspects told the truth at all as to where they went?

2) Who is actually doing the searching

3) Dave’s thoughts on Joran Van der Sloot’s interview

Dave’s following comments have been some of my thoughts for quite some time and expressed to Dave Holloway in conversations. Because the three suspects have lied and Joran had openly admitted that they ALL agreed to lie to the police, one wonders whether they have told the truth about anything that happened that last night with Natalee Holloway? Did they ever even go to the lighthouse or the beach?

HOLLOWAY: Hey, let’s stop and regroup and then start all over and start thinking like these kids were thinking.

And you know, they came to the bar — and this is not anything that the detectives mentioned. But you know, you stop and think. A group of guys, they get to the bar 30 minutes before it closes, they’re not ready to stop partying. So you know, when they leave, do they really go to the beach or do they really go to the lighthouse? Maybe, maybe not. So maybe they took a different avenue. Who knows?

We just need to start thinking outside the box in this investigation and pursuing every lead that’s possible. In fact, I spoke with our attorney today. She said that any lead or tip that comes in is going to be fully investigated.

HOLLOWAY: You know, we discussed that and brain stormed. You know, really, Greta, the only thing that we know for sure is they left Carlos and Charlie’s, and you know, that left or right turn, you know, it’s a bunch of lies from there on out. So you really — you really don’t have anything to stand on.

Dave Holloway tells us of the recent search efforts that have been done; however, it appears that the searches have either been organized by Dave and the family and from tips they have received. There does seem to be some searching going on from the Prosecutors office though as it was referenced that fireman were searching wells.

HOLLOWAY: They are conducting searches, Greta. In fact, we had a tip that came in while I was there on the island. I couldn’t stand it, so I had to go look myself. And the police showed up early the next morning, cleared away — I was not able to go into the well, but they had a fireman go into the well, check it and cleared that area. Since then, they’ve conducted a dive search up under a cave that went up to the lighthouse. They cleared it. And then today, they did another dive search in a yacht basin.

When Greta asks Dave Holloway his impressions of the Joran Van der Sloots Current Affair interview Dave’s reaction is as follows:

No, not really. It just confirms that, you know, he continues to tell the stories. And he’s telling it to the American people now, you know, another pack of lies, I guess, so to speak, so… Maybe he’s telling the truth on this? No.

Ever the patient optimist Dave Holloway keeps the pressure on the investigation to move forward in Aruba. Dave makes a valid point when he states that he does not want to jump to any conclusions or have the prosecution rush a case forward without evidence.

I didn’t want them to jump to conclusions, make a charge and then, you know, what’s happened every time, you know, the judge dismisses the case. And the worst thing that can happen would be to rush in there and file charges and then the judge dismiss it. And then where are you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad Dave is not demanding that the Aruba prosecution make charges without evidence. I know he doesn't know what to trust about Joran last said, and none of us know what to trust, but at least he is wanting to work cooperatively with the investigation and look at all leads.

12:39 AM  
Blogger I_Hate_Stupid_People said...

I have been trying to follow all that Dave has been doing, because I believe he is going to get some answers no matter how long it takes him to do so.

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