Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dompig : it'd take over 2 days to go over all of Joran's inconsistent statements

From MSNBC on Wednesday October 12 : Dan Abrams show, interview with Dompig...

Abrams : we have heard that Joran made inconsistent statements, true ?

Deputy Chief Dompig : that is correct

Abrams : what were they inconsistent about ?

Deputy Chief Dompig : well uh , it would take me, I think, a little over 2 days to go over all the inconsistencies, none of the stories match up

but yet, Dan Riehl is over at his site saying that Joran only changed his story once and that it is Beth making up all the whole "different stories" story, but the Deputy Chief of police says it would take over 2 days to go over all of the inconsistent stories from Joran, proving Dan Riehl is the one lying.

It will be great to get the official transcript from MSNBC about today's interview between Dan Abrams and Dompig and Beth, Dompig said some important stuff.

(from blogs for Natalee)


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