Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Lion’s Den - An Aruban Odyssey in Search of Truth

The Lion’s Den

An Aruban Odyssey in Search of Truth

As Jim and I left LAX on September 2nd, the air of mystery was evident. Before even making it off U.S. soil, we were "passed off" to several parties intent on keeping a watchful eye on us. To the untrained this would have gone unnoticed but in our line of work the direct approach in Los Angeles and the quizzing by a stranger on the flight from Miami were obvious. So what began as a pleasure trip for us, turned into a very unusual "working vacation". Even after landing in Aruba, our surveillance continued. It was at this point we attempted to shake the guy tailing us--and we were actually successful for a short while! After checking into the Marriott, Jim and I decided to take a short walk around the area and it was then we observed the infamous Tattoo (of Steve Croes fame) pulling into the dock. We immediately pointed the boat out to a man on a neighboring ship who, although he was looking straight at the Tattoo, he disputed it being the same boat! As we began to walk away I looked up and once again, there he was…our tail. From his position, it was obvious he thought we were guests at the Holiday Inn (not the Marriott) so we purposely walked away in the direction of the Holiday Inn. An Aruban informant told Jim and Leslie that he knew where Natalee was taken. He was certain. He said to "get on the main road heading to Oranjestad. When you see the Wendy's by The Wyndham, it is on "that" street. The street Wendy's is on is about one to one and a half kilometers on the right hand side. You can't miss it.

He also stated:
That everyone on the island knows about that place but no one talks about it.
Weird stuff happens there.
Freddy takes his pictures there.
That is where the guys take women to have sex.
That is where the really Bad Guys are. (Scarface possibly secures the place)
No one goes near that place.
He (the guide) was not going to take us there. (No Way!)
Be very careful.

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