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Natalee Holloway And Cable News: A Season Of Fraud

For all the talk of Rather-Gate and now the recent inaccurate reporting around Hurricane Katrina, the largest fraud ever perpetuated by the MSM is likely to go un-noticed and unchallenged. The cost may be millions of dollars and possibly even lives, but most elite media watchers and even bloggers won't care because of the topic involved - the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

For an entire summer all of the major cable news outlets passed off lies, unproven innuendo, false allegations, manufactured "evidence" and misrepresentations too numerous to even recall in the chase for ratings. I have researched the Natalee Holloway disappearance as much, if not more so than any other credible journalist and there is absolutely no excuse for what the Cable News outlets did.
It was unethical, misguided and flat out wrong. Had the subject matter been political or business-related, it is likely the result would have been Congressional hearings due to malfeasance through a betrayal of the public trust by the media. And it persists to this day, as one of the largest talk shows in America, Oprah Winfrey, recently called for a boycott of Aruba based upon a manufactured story.

Now, A Current Affair and all the Cable Networks are trying to milk the beast right on into the ground regardless of the unethical nature of their reporting. Finally, it is time to clear the air.

There is no other way to write and unravel this complex tale other than to walk through it step by step. That is what I intend to do and it will take some number of entries. To date, I have written approximately 450 stories on the disappearance, as well as having hosted over 500 chat forums. Another half dozen posts to set the record straight while bringing the story up to date isn't too much to ask.

I'll begin with Joran's "Lies" as that has been the subject of recent news. The fact is for all the hyperbole there has never been more than one and possibly two minor contextual lies. It's alleged that Joran lied to Natalee and perhaps others from Mountain Brook as to his identity as a student from Holland. Big deal. The fact is, even I can remember evenings down the shore with male friends when I was from 17 to 18 when we thought it was cool to present some phony name or identity when hitting on young women down the shore.

It's a laughable practice likely engaged in by many teenage boys looking to pick up girls and rises to the significance of a version of some old beach movie like, Where The Boys Are with Connie Francis. It isn't even worth addressing because there is no other pattern of deceit or lying to suggest it was anything sinister. Like it or not, it's 2005, fully 30 years since my days as a teenager and the practice went on then, just as it does today. Young boys somehow think they are accomplishing something by dressing up their personae somehow to pick up a girl, most likely for a short term or one night fling.

Now, I'll explain the one significant lie of Joran Van der Sloot in context and then discuss the actual illegal and unethical behavior with which the MSM was fully complicit as they sought to prop that portion of the story up through actions which can only be termed fraud.
In all probability, Joran Van Der Sloot left Natalee Holloway alone on the beach that night just as he has insisted for the better part of four months. The original lie as regards having dropped her off at the hotel came to be in the following, mostly innocent manner - innocent as regards any serious crime, anyway.

By the way, contrary to what many have been led to believe through bad reporting, after leaving Natalee at the beach Joran managed to get home, get some sleep and catch his school bus the next morning at approximately 6 AM and arrive at school on time and perform reasonably well on his exams. A far cry from what one might expect of some would be murderer.
Having completed his exams he went to the casino that evening with Deepak Kalpoe as there was a poker tournament going on he had been playing in. Also of note, Paulus did not attend casinos with his son regularly, as has been alleged, but basically attended once or possibly twice only to observe his son playing in the tournament. It was a fairly new activity for the boy and Paulus is said to have wanted to see what precisely was going on.
While at the casino Joran received a cell phone call from his Father that the authorities and the Twitty family were at the Van der Sloot home looking for a missing girl, the girl he had left alone on the beach - Natalee. If you recall early on when Steve Croes became involved he, at one point, mentioned over hearing a phone call: that is the phone call which Steve Croes over heard and subsequently became party to a conversation between Joran and Deepak on the matter.

In essence, Joran had left Natalee on the beach and Steven Croes, DJ extraordinaire and likely not too bright from all observations sought to play the wise counselor to the two younger boys. His advice was that whenever you score with an American girl, which Joran had not claimed, by the way, you always walk them all the way back to the hotel and into the lobby to avoid any future hassles or complaints.

Now, whether or not Americans like to believe it, some number of usually college age young American women having been weened on too much MTV, Real Life. The OC and any other number of mostly decadent teenage TV fare, do regularly vacation in Aruba, get to partying too much with someone, local or otherwise, and miss the plane for their trip home. It simply is not an unheard of happening on the island. And the boys all had assumed that is precisely what happened to Natalee at that time.
The ride to Joran's house gave Joran and Deepak the time needed to decide to go with the "we dropped her at the Hotel" story as they foolishly thought it was the best thing to say. As Joran hadn't done what Croes had suggested as the best thing, they simply re-created it, assuming Natalee would turn up in a day or so and the entire incident would be forgotten. Obviously, and unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way at all.

That is also why Steve Croes, in all his abject stupidity, walked into the police station in support of the story, interjecting himself into a criminal investigation and perhaps the largest media circus the world has likely ever known.

Eventually, as that lie was torn down through investigation, Joran reverted to the truth, that he had left Natalee at the beach and so far as I can ascertain, he has not changed that story one time. Which leads me to the most egregious conduct of the media, including Greta Van Sustern of Fox, a trained lawyer - and the rest of the ratings chasing media who decided to sacrifice truth for ratings and perpetuate a fraud on America the scope of which we likely have never seen before.

I have personally interviewed credible individuals who have known Joran Van Der Sloot for any number of years, including a stand out American college student originally from Aruba with no bias or axe to grind either way. What you find is an average seventeen year old boy, perhaps with the ego and an eye for girls just like any young accomplished high school athlete in America. If anything, his previous girl friends tend to characterize him as sweet as well as sensitive without an overly-aggressive bone in his body towards women he dates.

Keep in mind it was Geraldo Rivera who broke news of alleged pornographic video tapes featuring young girls made and sold by the boy. That was an out and out falsehood which should have never been reported and began the theme of Joran as evil perpetrator the media required to perpetuate its tremendous fraud on America.

I myself was brought on to Fox News and asked to characterize an image of Joran involved in horseplay with another boy including a leather belt. They inquired as to whether or not it reminded my of Abu Ghraib. Can journalism be anymore ridiculous considering the image was likely taken by Joran's Mother and involved harmless in home horseplay with another boy?
Yet, on and on it went, the media characterizing a young man of seventeen still not proved to have ever committed any crime, as the sinister perp they needed for their ratings driving coverage through out the course of an entire summer. Were it an American boy that was done to I have no doubt there would be law suits flying everywhere - as there should be. The level of irresponsibility to which the media coverage sunk cannot be over stated. It was vile, cruel and destruction, whatever its target, let alone a minor from a small island which couldn't hope to counter the disinformation being gleefully conveyed to the public by the American media.

Enter Jossy Mansur in the next installment and we'll see that even the claims being made right this minute on Fox News with Geraldo have no basis in fact and are only a part of the on going media fraud.

There are no statements from Joran to support any of the allegations being hurled at him from ace reporters like Geraldo, O'Reiily and Van Sustern - and anyone who knows the inside story knows that is completely accurate from a journalist's point of view. Even this week O'Reilly was talking about the Father of the boy Paulus as a Judge, which has never been true and is only intended to foster the notion of some grand cover up which never existed as it has been alleged. Apparently no one in the Cable News business cares a bit for truth and accuracy, their being willing to say anything and perpetuate any falsehood for the sake of a ratings driving story. Frankly, it's pathetic.
And no one cares because it's just another missing pretty white girl story to media watchdogs. But the principles being violated daily by our media in the Natalee Holloway coverage are the same ones they violated when they put forth fraudulent documents to skew a Presidential election and exaggerated stories of looting, rape and murder in New Orleans to smear an administration. If we don't pay attention to every poor performance of the many we have seen lately from a media which is in essence willing to lie to perpetuate ratings, we will never again have a MSM in this country we can trust in the slightest regard.
Ultimately, it is only because more established news outlets like ABC, NBC and CBS would not play ball with what was a rigged story from the start and chose to ignore the story altogether, that the cable news outlets have been allowed to get away with the most unethical farce in journalism we've seen in our lifetimes.

In future installments over the next week or two I will address the so-called statements of Joran Van der Sloot which never were, the witholding of pertinent and telling information by the MSM media to ensure their ratings stayed and continue to stay up as long as possible - in short, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so far as it can be ascertained by any one journalist.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go Dan. I am so glad you are speaking out about this saga and showing it for what it is.

One correction to this though - CNN did participate in it through the Court TV - Nancy Grace - who may well have been one of the worst in slanting the information to make suspects look guilty. For this reason, some on Aruba who only get CNN call her Nasty Disgrace.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Joran was innocent, and he believed in the whole innocent until proven guilty thing, then he would not hav lied in the first place.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What solid proof is there that Joran left her on the beach? NONE. He said he did after lying. Why should it be believed that he left her on the beach?

10:09 AM  
Blogger lilbear said...

If the boys only told one lie than what about all the taped conversations from the police??? Joran and deepak both admited having sex with Natalee, what about them implicating to innocent people (the gaurds)???? what about them saying all the nasty things about Natalee defacing her and I believe the real Natalee was portrayed by her loving family which she NEVER would have left. I'm sorry but its the plain truth that makes us all believe Joran and the Kalpoe brothers know EXACTLY what happened to Natalee. Maybe they didnt kill her maybe they sold her...if the investigation wasn't shoved under the carpet to begin with maybe the truth would have been easier to find and deal with.

7:08 PM  

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