Monday, October 03, 2005

Natalee Holloway And Joran Van der Sloot Captured On Film At Carlos And Charlies

I know this is older information, but I had some people tell me that they never got to see it so I wanted to post it.

The image below is obviously of Joran Van der Sloot in his favorite light plaid shirt. The image is stamped at 12:30 AM on the night of Natalee's disappearance and was taken inside of Carlos and Charlies. A second image, possibly of Natalee Holloway is much more difficult to make out. Along with the tourist suggesting the blonde girl in sun glasses standing by the door was Natalee Holloway, there's an additional factor which leads me to believe that may be the case.

Natalee was:
Last seen wearing: ... a denim knee length skirt, a teal green halter top and brown flip-flops.

That is the outfit she has on in the AP/Beth Twitty credited picture below. Below is the caption:

Natalee Holloway, left, poses with friends Lee Broughton, Madison Whatley, and Ruth McVay, left to right, in a photograph taken with Natalee's disposable camera on the beach in Aruba, May 29, 2005, hours before she disappeared. (Photo: AP/Beth Twitty)

When you enlarge the picture taken at 12:23 AM of a young woman standing in the doorway, it becomes clear by examining the palette that the top is of a green color matching the top Natalee Holloway is said to have been wearing that evening.

In his recap, the tourist describes her as "The tall blond girl standing at the doorway in the background/she has sunglasses on."

UPDATE: I didn't even see it, a commenter has pointed it out - but that is indeed likely to be Natalee Holloway leaning down from up on the bar. I initially thought the one girl had her arm in the air, closer inspection shows that to not be the case.


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