Sunday, October 02, 2005


I post things that I find, things that people send me and the things I get off the blogs for Natalee. This does not mean that I believe all of them, and it does not mean that I am picking sides on anything. Yes I have my own opinions and you have yours, but I am asking that you please keep the comments clean! Also I only post the things that seem to be more or less credible. Yeah a couple are not, but people get bored fast so I put a few on so people would stop sending me stupid emails. So I wish for you to not have smart remarks about the things that are posted, because it took my time to do it, and again they are not just the things I believe to be true, and some to keep you interested.

My main reason for making this blog, and my website was to make people realize that we should be worrying about finding Natalee and the truth, NOT PICKING SIDES!

This is why I am studying to be a journalist, so I can help open people's eyes to what is really going on around them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an EXCELLENT site. I visit it everday. Thank you for maintaining it so beautifully--if Natalee could see this--she would be deeply touched to see that people cared to follow this story. We are hoping and praying for resolution.

Perhaps you could publish a book when/if this story is concluded. We can see there is a vast audience for a well written, comprehensive account of this case.
Best Regards!

8:06 PM  
Blogger I_Hate_Stupid_People said...

Thank you very much. You are the type of person I made this blog for. The ones who are hoping for resolution and are interested in knowing the latest news in the case.


8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley. I spent quit a bit of time on your website. Let me just say even as a stranger I am deeply saddened for you all. I have daughters thats Natalees age, I worry constantly and even more so now. God Bless her parents, friends and her family. I am marking this site as one of my favorites to keep informed on Miss Hollway. She is such a beautiful girl. I will keep you all in my prayers. I also pray that there is closure and hope its a happy one!

A Worried Mom In Colorado

2:24 AM  

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