Saturday, October 15, 2005

Paulus van der Sloot Banned From Aruban Courthouse (VIDEO) 10/14/05

Paulus van der Sloot Banned From Aruban Courthouse (VIDEO) 10/14/05

Jossy Mansur phoned in on Greta tonight and brought news about Paulus van der Sloot. When the latter cleaned out his desk in the Aruban court he worked was, it wasn’t because he quit, however because he was banned. According to Jossy, Paul is not allowed to enter a courtroom anymore unless it is for civil matters.

Jug Twitty appeared on the show to discuss what Beth will do when she arrives in Aruba. Twitty says she will meet with her lawyer and District Attorney Karin Jannsen. Jug also recounts the night he first encountered main suspect Joran van der Sloot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God there is some sanity left in the world. Even if it has to be obtained under duress in Aruba. it has been obvious since the beginning that Paulus has played a very big role in the Natalee Holloway case, most likely in the disposal of her body. His comment on the first day said it all "No body, no crime" Only the person involved in the hiding and disposing of the body could make such a statement with such conviction..... of which he should be convicted along with his rapist son and the othe 2 lowlife rapists!!! I was banned from some Aruban website ( which did not initially claim to be such) for giving my opinion of these people. Then after identifying themselves as some kind of Aruban travel bureau I told them my opinion of Dutch gov. and Aruban police and justice. Sherry, as she called herself, called me a dumb American who gets my info from media and not from research. I would like to know How one could possibly research the Aruban gov. as everything is top secret. Anyone who goes to Aruba after this is crazy and I have personally emailed TV programs that give trips to that cesspool of an island. I hope and Pray that justice will finally be served to the Holloway Twitty family. As the mother of 3 adult girls I can see myself doing the same thing as Beth. How dare those punks do what they did and then the Aruban gov. and those lawyers double talk anyone and everyone who interviewed them on TV? Lorraine Keister Teacher from NY

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Blogger I_Hate_Stupid_People said...

Hi Lorraine, I agree with everything you said. I think we need to start putting more pressure on Aruba to produce results. I'm not sure if you have been to this site, but there is one other really good site and it's link is

This site always has the breaking news and many other good facts about the case.


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