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The original lie was that Natalee was dropped off at the Holiday Inn and approached by two security guards, a description of whom was given in enough detail that two such men were quickly identified and arrested. Her body was hidden where the original lie says it is, period: The high rise hotel strip area, near Marriott and Holiday Inn. The most harmless scenario for the three boys involved was to say that they quickly dispatched Natalee back to her hotel since it was observed that she may have been tipsy at the time she was seen driving off with them. Furthermore, it has been said that Natalee did return to her hotel room briefly to retrieve something and left again and so, in the event that someone may have seen Kalpoe's car in the vicinity of the Holiday Inn subsequent to leaving Carlos and Charlie's while she got something from her room, they had to cover for the car potentially being seen near the Holiday Inn. Therefore, the story was concocted BEFORE the hiding location near Holiday Inn or Mariott was chosen, and her body was placed where it was in order to support the original lie.

2001 Aruba trip report describing an "Old Hotel's" remnants Near the Marriott & Holiday Inn "we walked past Marriott to where an old hotel once stood and old craft stalls were. This area also had windsurfing booths set up for young and old.. Pretty trashy, no luck but best area for finding many seashells."

The story-fabricators also selected two security guards known as regularly patrolling in the vicinity of said hiding place as the scapegoats. The body-hiding consultant being familiar with a hiding place close to Natalee's hotel, the Holiday Inn. In other words, the body-hiding consultant has been to this hiding place before, it was not a quick, random choice or created for the occasion. Ergo, her body will be found within the security guards' customary patrol area. (This does not mean that the body-hiding consultant has hidden other bodies but he may know of the existence of other bodies in the selected hiding place).

Why were the guards singled out and not "a stranger" or nobody? Why bring a potential perpetrator into the alibi at all? This tells you that Joran and the Kalpoes do know that something happened to Natalee and it tells you that they all concocted a story that might fly in the event that the hiding place in *THE GUARDS CUSTOMARY PATROL AREA* is found with Natalee inside. It also tells you that Steve Croes was the one who suggested the body-hiding place close to where his boat is usually anchored. So Croes knows the Kalpoes better than he says since they brought him into it early on with the initial intention of using his boat and before fine-tuning the original alibi. Croes discouraged that idea, not wanting to participate, suggesting instead the guard story along with a good hiding place near Holiday Inn that he was familiar with since this is his territory. He knows the security guards' patrol routine and could describe them in detail. Croes is the one that the guards need to be mad at. Why did these two, specific individuals come to mind when they were not even on duty that night instead of some random, fabricated individual? Because Croes had to duck those two guards in the past while visiting the hiding location for a different reason and therefore the guards were the first scapegoats to come to mind when fabricating a story about how Natalee will have come to be found in the location of the guards' customary, nightly patrol.

The location of Natalee is further confirmed and identified by the second, (adjusted), story which is currently that the Kalpoe brothers dropped Natalee and Joran off alone on the beach near the Marriott. This is also a lie. (since they did not allude to the fact that Natalee was now deceased when dropped off there with Joran) The adjustment in the story indicates that her location may be closest to the Marriott in particular. The body of Natalee Holloway was hidden on land in the Palm Beach area of the hotels. To frame the security guards, she could not be put out to sea and potentially disappear forever because the Kalpoe's car might have been observed waiting at the Holiday Inn while Natalee retrieved something from her room. The body was put in a place where it could be found. Her body was meant to be discovered, initially THE BODY WAS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. The intention of the original lie was to frame the guards and absolve Joran and two Kalpoes of being the last people to have Natalee in their possession, a better scenario all around since Croes did not want to involve himself or his boat. It is said that Paulus Van Der Sloot made the statement that there is "no case without a body", to the boys. This probably precipitated a call to Croes to use his boat.


Joran and the Kalpoe brothers did not deliver Natalee to the beachfront, high rise strip and leave. They only stopped by for Natalee to get something from her room and then they all left together. They may have driven around some and they may even have visited the lighthouse as stated but, ultimately the Kalpoe brothers dropped Natalee and Joran both off at the Van Der Sloot residence where Joran has his own apartment, separate from the main house. The currently held scenario is that Paulus Van Der Sloot had picked Joran up from a McDonalds around 11:00 p.m., took him home and then went about his business, assuming that Joran was home for the night. Did Joran or Paulus bring a "walnut salad" home from McDonalds? That was mentioned.

It is also currently held that Joran sneaked out off the property at some point and went to Carlos and Charlie's where he met back up with Natalee who was to return home the following morning.

The Van Der Sloot property has a pool and is gated. My contacts say that Natalee fell off a gate. They also describe a "Victorian Pool", which means that there may be a gazebo there or something Victorian about the surrounding area or the home. This pool, (or the gate) according to them, is supposed to be angular in some way. The angular comment could possibly apply to an angular object near the gate that she fell onto. It's difficult to tell the context of the angular remark. My contacts describe Natalee as "dopy" at the time she fell off the gate so it is not to say that going to a boy's home in the middle of the night is something that she would ordinarily do. So the Kalpoe brothers dropped Joran and Natalee back at Joran's house and this gate may have been closed and locked. It could be that the gate was not locked, but simply that opening it would have made enough noise to alert Daddy Van Der Sloot to a returning Joran and his company. Natalee either fell off the Van Der Sloot gate sneaking onto the premises with Joran or she had to climb that gate a second time trying to run away from the property.

I think that she was trying to run away and I think that she may have been "taken advantage of", prior. In any case, she fell from the gate and was injured to an unknown degree. This is when Paulus Van Der Sloot becomes aware and involved and the Kalpoe brothers were called back to the residence to discuss the details of where their car and Joran in particular might have been seen with Natalee after Joran sneaked out and met up with her. This, because she was in bad shape or unconscious by the time Paulus Van Der Sloot comes into play. I believe that the Kalpoe cell phone record of the first call from Joran is going to show that Kalpoe was called from the Van Der Sloot home to come there and help remove Natalee; Not to pick up Joran from the Marriott area as they all now say. This would be why there was blood in the Kalpoe car. If they dropped off a deceased Natalee and Joran near the Marriott to meet the body-hider, they may have changed their story to Marriott beach to explain their car potentially being seen there. That's why the current lie reveals and refines Natalee's location as closer to the Marriott rather than the Holiday Inn. They are all still in cohoots but currently, the Kalpoes are trying to distance themselves from further involvement with Natalee once they dropped her and Joran at Van Der Sloots', since they were not at the scene when she died but they do have to cover for the first call received from Jorran, and they needed to cover for the potential of their car being seen at Marriott beach.

My contacts continually cite Paulus Van Der Sloot as the killer and they observe Natalee with tape or something was over her mouth. Because of this, I suspect that it was Paulus who suggested application of the tape or a gag while she was unconscious lest she come to and start hollering, and she suffocated or otherwise succumbed to her injuries while Paulus and Joran were trying to figure out what to do about her. I have mention of her being in a garage at a certain point in this, but I don't know if Van Der Sloots have a garage. If so, that's where they had her. I do not think that her death was intentional and it could be that they would have taken her to the hospital, but I do think that a trip to the hospital was not immediately undertaken as they discussed what to do with the circumstances at hand. She was probably at death's door and possibly showing evidence of being "taken advantage of" by the son. The circumstances had the potential to create a career derailing scandal for "The Judge" and she died as options were being weighed.


I don't think that Van Der Sloot, Sr. has ever had to dispose of a body before but he is in the position to know who would and could. He or Joran knew somebody on the Island in need of exchanging favors and my contacts are naming Lorenzo Van Rijn as that person. I don't know if they are related. Once the cover story was agreed upon between Van Der Sloot, Sr., Joran, the Kalpoes, Croe, and possibly some other confidants who were asked for advice, I believe that Lorenzo was called. He was asked to stash her and Natalee was taken by Joran with the returning Kalpoe(s) in Kalpoe's car to Lorenzo to remove the rest of the party except Joran from culpability for the actual disposal of Natalee. They most likely wanted Kalpoe(s) to take her to Lorenzo alone but they declined to go without Joran and possibly be held liable for the incident. Kalpoe(s) then dropped Natalee and Joran off with Lorenzo and the Kalpoes went home. Joran advises Kalpoe that he will be in contact via the internet later as a means to avoid more cell phone contact. I believe the Kalpoe mother is aware that the boy(s) left the house again.

After Natalee was hidden, Joran most likely walked home as he currently states. All of their stories are going to have an element of truth in order to cover potentially having been seen. I don't think that Lorenzo would be stupid enough to be seen dropping Joran back at the crime scene and I'm sure that daddy was cowering on the premises in a state of shock while she was being disposed of; hence text message to Deepak from Joran that he got home okay; indicating that the hiding task was completed without incident.

#1. Guard 1, (freed) #2. Guard 2, (freed) #3. Kalpoe 1,driver, (detained) #4. Kalpoe 2, story substantiator, (detained) #5 Kalpoe Mama, complicity, she knows her boy(s) did not stay home and went back out that night, (unsuspected) #6 Van Der Sloot 1, Romeo, (detained) #7 Van Der Sloot 2, technically the killer, (freed) #8 Croes, body-hiding consultant, (freed) #9 Van Rijn, body-hider, (unsuspected)


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I have worked as a court stenographer for the past 18 years in the states. I would love to take my insight, knowledge and perception to Fox News. I wish they would discover me. I have reported thousands of criminal and civil proceedings. I so very often sit patiently just performing my skill, all the while just wishing that I could take over. I have trained myself in my profession to observe the entire picture. I all too often do not hear the entire picture brought to light. In observing the entire picture, one must never lose site of even the smallest of detail. One tiny segment that I would like to share with whomever may read this is that at one point I observed Mr. V., Sr. hustling back into his vehicle early on in this tragedy coming about. Fox News had shown a segment where this man was videotaped head-on straight through the windshield of his automobile. Now this automobile appeared to be a relatively newer vehicle, yet there were CHUNKS removed from this man's steering wheel in this film segment. I never to this day heard anyone else comment on why there were CHUNKS removed from this man's steering wheel, or that they thought perhaps it might even be strange. I picked up on this. I would love Fox News to review this film clip. I pray we find a clue. Oh, by the way, the next time I observed this man getting into a vehicle, it was a totally different make and model.

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