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Note From Rayelan:
This arrived in an email. I have no idea who sent it. I am posting it because it has "the ring of truth"!

Aruba is controlled by the sicilian mafia -- all judges are bought -- the judge in training - the boy's father, is part of the Cuntrera family - the sicilian mafia top dogs -- they control all of aruba - they control judges, police - and all intelligence -

The Cuntrera-Caruana Mafia-clan that control Aruba have been called the 'Rothschilds of the Mafia' or 'the bankers of Cosa Nostra'.

You can read more about them on this page:
Aruba was supposed to go independent in the mid 90s, but it was held up by the CIA. The CIA didn't want give them independence because the Aruban mafia wouldn't play by the rules... ANY rules... Aruba would have become another haiti -- a rich haiti! A haiti that could buy anyone and control anything!

Natalee was sold - The kids probably got her to drink some stuff -- maybe even the date rape stuff. She was probably raped by all three -- the kids realized when she woke up they would be in trouble so they contacted their friend... the DJ. The DJ is the connection to the mafia -- the kids went to him to get rid of her -- He probably made money selling her. I will bet the boat the DJ works on is a Cuntrera nightclub.

Natalee's not on Aruba - She was probably taken to Venezuela - probably sold into sexual slavery there. Or sold to the saudis. She is exactly the kind the Saudis like... blonde, tall, slim and beautiful. If they ever find her she won't be herself.

The texas ranger unit that has been sent to Aruba is an intel operation -- Nothing will come of any of this if they continue to think they way they are thinking now. You can't dig up intel and come up with anything this time.

The people who run Aruba are some of the baddest people in the world. If anyone tries to expose them, they will come and kill your whole family... maybe even your whole town! It's NOT worth it... they are more powerful than God -- In fact they ARE God... meaning they are working with the vatican -

They are a power unto themselves... they are NOT part of the NWO. They have aligned, over the years, with Faction Two. Remember "Lucky" Luciano. The Sicilian Mafia understands the new world order... it's the real Jewish Mafia. The Aruban mafia is so powerful that even the NWO leaves them alone! They make the Muslim terrorists look like Keystone Cops.

The only way Natalee will ever be returned is if someone is sacrificed, and I don't mean in the Santarian way like that decapitated body they found in the graveyard. Someone has to take the fall and it will probably be the DJ. He's nobody. The other kids are connected to families that have a modicum of power already and therefore can be used in the future.

If the DJ agrees to take the fall, his family will be taken care of and eventually he will be "disappeared" and one day "reappeared" with a new face and new identity. At least this is what he will be promised.

The way I see it, the intel unit, disguised as Texas Rangers COULD broker the deal if they wake up and realize what they're dealing with. Maybe they won't get their REAL orders til they get there! Right now their orders are to go in and gather intel. This is a joke. Our government knows exactly what's happened. They just don't know where Natalee has been taken.

If she was taken to Costa Rica she could be found because the CIA has assets there and in most other South American countries. The only country where the CIA assets have fled or been killed is Venezuela. If Natalee was sold into one of the Venezuelan sex houses, then no one can find her... except the same people who sold her... the Aruban mafia.

If the heat gets hot enough on Aruba. If the Mafia connection starts popping up in the MSM, that will be bad for business. The US is powerful enough to broker a deal to get Natalee back. What does the Aruban mafia want that President Bush can give them? Since no one will ever know that any kind of deal has ever taken place, it doesn't matter what they want. The hero will be some Aruban detective that traces Natalee to the nightclub ship and to "sex slave traders". No one will ever know the Mafia participation in her sale AND in her recovery!

If she was taken to Saudi Arabia, it will be tricky to get her back, but it could be done. All that would be needed is something to trade something that the Saudis want. If I had my way, I'd give the Saudis whatever they wanted in trade for Natalee, and follow it up with a Nuke! The Saudis are NOT our friends. All Muslim terrorism throughout the world originates from Saudi Arabia. They are the puppets of the City of London. They were created by the City of London!

Have to go.

Here's a blogger that seems to be getting some accurate info.

If I hear anymore, I will be in contact.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are insane. The "Aruban Mafia"??? Get outta here

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous, you are SUCH A DUMBASS!!

Do some research you moron, then come back to type w/the grownups.
Aruba was/is the FIRST entire state to be taken over/purchased by the Sicilian Cosa Nostra Families.
Its used as a waypoint to trade serious amounts of cheap european heroin to the Colombia Cartels for their pure cocain.
Meanwhile stockpiling and laundering obscenely massive amounts of Euros and DOLLARS in their banks and businesses on the island.
Do some research you MORON!

6:54 AM  
Anonymous twinn said...

People who cold judge based on what the media tells them without exploring for the truth themselfs are idiots.

This story is unfortunatly most probably true.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Ryan Sullivan said...

When Van Der Sloot was told a woman's jaw was found on a beach in Aruba and that they were testing it, he laughed. (courtesy of Wikipedia)

That would be because it was ridiculous to him, right? Because he knows she's not buried there nor is there any risk of her parts washing up there. Because...she's not there.

Considering his most recent career as a Thai sex slave salesman (courtesy Wikipedia) this is not preposterous.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

She was a blown CIA asset.

5:56 PM  

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