Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Natalee Holloway: Investigation Coming To Mountain Brook?

Natalee Holloway: Investigation Coming To Mountain Brook?
Actually, there's a great deal of interesting talk about the Natalee Holloway investigation in Aruba these days. However, I'm unclear if any of it will result in news. It is possible that Aruba is simply growing tired of being constantly attacked. We'll see, I suppose.

Dompig stressed that the Aruba investigation wants to interview many (or some) of the 120 youngsters from Mountain Brook that accompanied Natalee to Aruba. Read the rest at Hyscience.

Well, it appears, according to the Aruban investigators, that some of the Alabama youngsters claim to have forgotten many of those very things. Translation: the Alabama youngsters have withheld information, if not outright been untruthful.

More here at SM: According to Dompig another important question is also, why is this money not being used to pay for example those who are coming to search in Aruba.

Commisioner Dompig referred to the tremendous work that Fred Golba did with his two dogs some time ago and he explained that Golba wants to come back to keep looking.

Seering as he is searching for funds to pay for his ticket and stay to Aruba to come help, why can’t he get funds from the millions that Beth Twitty has through this fund.

This is also a very important part in the investigation. This because in a case like Natalee’s there are different scenarios. One scenario is that a person killed Natalee, or for whatever motives Natalee isn’t alive anymore.

Another scenario could be that she’s alive, but this whole case is a “set up”, for gain in some way or the other.

A possibility is for example where it is said that he/she died, where they can get the money of the life insurance of the person, while in reality he/she did not die, but another way is like this fund, where people of good hearts send money to this fund and the family enrich themselves.

If the mother gives information on the amount of money and how much she is spending and on what, then there is not a problem, however if the mother keeps everything a secret and does not cooperate with people who came to help find her child, this because a part of the investigation, because it gives the case another light.


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