Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gretas Blog 11/30/05 Must Read

Excerpt from the Blog:
A few months ago I was told that the Internet was full of chatter that my husband and Beth's husband Jug were involved in some land deal in Virginia and hence my interest in Natalee Holloway's disappearance. The theme was that I only wanted to pursue this disappearance because of this fictional side business deal. As time marched on, I was told that the rumor on the Internet grew and the land deal suddenly became a very big one and eventually grew to include others from other countries. Since joking privately with my husband about the Internet rumor, I have endured endless teasing from him ("I am thinking of getting a new wife and cashing in on that big land deal I have with Jug... and spending the money on a new wife.") As you might have guessed, my husband has never met — or spoken to — Jug. In short: it's pure fiction.
Now I am told a new twist has emerged: I heard yesterday that Deepak Kalpoe may have told Jamie Skeeters (the polygrapher hired by Dr. Phil to go to Aruba) that I offered him money ($500,000) to do a movie deal with me. We are expecting to get a copy of the tape to see for ourselves what he said. We will keep you updated... keep checking the blog and the show. I am curious how Deepak thought I would pull that off... make the movie on my handycam? And exactly how was I going to hide this from my employer, FOX News Channel? I need to hide it from FOX News since under my contract I work exclusively for them. Any suggestions?

And what about getting others — key players — to sign legal releases so that we could do this movie using their names and likenesses? Would Joran sign off? I don't know... he won't talk to me and now he is in Holland! Beth Holloway Twitty? Jug Twitty? Dave Holloway? Former Aruba spokesperson Reuben Trapenburg? Tim Miller of Equi-search? The many other searchers whose names I don't know and now will have to track down? The chief prosecutor? The judges? The first three men arrested in early June and released? The prime minister? Investigative reporter Tito Lacle? Paul van der Sloot? Editor Jossy Mansur? Attorney Arlene Ellis Schippers? Satish Kalpoe? Satish's lawyer? Deepak's lawyer? Joran's several lawyers? Would they all sign releases or would each of these also demand $500,000? Yikes! This is getting expensive!

I confess I find Deepak's remark curious... why did he feel it necessary to lie about a movie deal with me? Mad at me? Nervous? Got me confused with someone else? While it is certainly NOT proof beyond a reasonable doubt of any guilt, and people lie for all sorts of reasons and even innocent people lie... it does strike me as odd that he felt the need to do it.,2933,177131,00.html


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