Saturday, December 03, 2005

United Prayers for Natalee Ann Holloway

United Prayers for Natalee Ann Holloway

I have built a website specifically for prayers for Natalee. This site will consist of only prayers. For those who want to contribute, you may send your prayers to my regular email address. Please do not post them under this Forum Topic. Not all prayers sent to me may be used as I must be cautious in what I put on the website so as to not offend or upset Natalee's families in any way. No names of submitters will be used on the website simply as a protective measure. The site will have a counter to let you see how many times it has been viewed.

Feel free to comment on the site on the Forum, but please, if you have any derogatory remarks, do not post them on the forum - send them to me via email. I do not want the families to see discouraging remarks.

The website is

The website will be a continual work in progress. As I get inputs, I will add them and update the website. The only time that the site may be unaccessible is during the time I am transferring the updated file to the server.

Thank you for your love and concern for Natalee and her families. I hope that you will enjoy the site. It should be a place where you can go and just sit and think about this wonderful girl, pray for her and even cry about her, as I do.

God bless Natalee.

lousw-BFN member


Blogger Angela_Marie20 said...

When I heard about Nataliee's Dissapearance i could not believe it! It was scary because it could be one of us like that just end up missing! But I keep praying that you find her!

God Bless You

1:52 AM  
Blogger Mazie said...

Good Bless Us All especially Beth

11:53 PM  
Blogger Louis said...

Lord, we come to you on bended knee, heads bowed and our hearts filled to overflowing with so much grief for Natalee. We ask you Lord to give courage and strength to the Holloway and Twitty families. And though their hearts are heavy and filled with sorrow, we ask Lord that you give them the endurance needed to help them through this difficult task. Please give us the strength Lord to get through each difficult and devasting day. Watch over and protect our precious Natalee and allow her return home. Amen.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Louis said...

Natalee Missing 10 Months: 30 May 2005 - March 30, 2006: 10 Months (305 days)

This has to be the most heartbreaking situation for Natalee, her families and friends. Ten months of utter frustration - no answers as to what really happened or where Natalee might be.

For the past ten months, Natalee has been all alone with no familiy or friends - she has been without someone to say "I love you" - she has had no one to give her a hug - she has had no one to comfort her - she has even had some defile her character and has not been able to defend herself.

Fot the past ten months, Natalee's families and friends have been without their lovely daughter, sister, niece, and trusted friend. There has been no opportunity to talk, laugh, share thoughts, provide love and comfort or just be together.

I just ask that you will take a moment or two to say a very special prayer for her or just sit quietly and think about Natalee and how much she has affected you over these past ten months. And, think about how much heartbreak, sadness and abuse that her families and friends have endured

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Twittys should be ashamed of themselves for ruining the life of Joran & family when it now appears that they hothing to do with Natalee's disaperance. I hope they get sued for every penny they have ever had and ever will have. They are vile people.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray with all of my heart that natalee will be ok.And where ever she is I pray gods angels will be looking right over her.

God Bless You ....

9:13 AM  
Blogger momrocks47 said...

many tears are shed, because you have loved one who is so very, memories must sustain you. let them guide and keep you, today and always. for, as we remember, we see love's reflection in our tears.........
god be with you throughout all your days................i will include and and your families and natalee in my special prayers each and everyday.....may god bless you and keep, may god give the light of his continence on, and bless you, and give you peace..........amen xoxo paula d

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Kira said...

It is April 24, 2007... and I have not heard anything about Natalee Holloway in about a year. I have no relation to her... Never knew her... but the story has troubled me. I looked at her picture today... and said... "Where are you?" Her eyes are haunting... and its hard to forget about this horrible occurance. I am not a fan of the blog that was posted in regards to her being sold to other countries as a sex slave. Even if its a plausible idea... its disgusting to leave that here. I pray for Natalee, and her family. It has been almost two years since her disappearance, and I know the odds are against her coming home are growing everyday. She has made me want to change my life around and help these families who have their children abducted, in the search to bring them home. I wish Natalees family daily strength, and courage, as i know not one day in their lifetime will pass that they do not remember their little girl is gone. Take care.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Kyle Kingman said...

If you're truly interested.. I am a field project manager and marine geophicisist on board the R/V Persistence. We're the ones actually going to search for Natalee Holloway next week. Check out the blog site:
feel free to email me for more info:

7:52 PM  
Blogger Kyle Kingman said...

I am the geophysical engineer on board the R/V Persistence. I am running a blog to tell the story of the search effort beginning this December. It will be updated daily during the search.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous lousw said...

The comcast link to the United Prayers for Natalee is no longer correct.

The new link is

10:27 PM  
Anonymous lousw said...

Note: the link does not all show on posting.

the end is nhprayers.htm

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray for some type of closure for the family. May the promise of seeing Natalee in Heaven enable her family to endure this grief. How sad this incident is. I have a daughter the same age in college now. God Bless them all. Beth Holloway has shown how true a mothers love is.

9:49 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am bothered and IT will not go away. I was more convinced she was sold than killed. I had a disturbing dream one night after I prayed for her. I watched a Van derived Eliot interview on YouTube that totally confirmed everything I feel and SHOULD have blown the lid off the whole case. S-l-o-o-t said he was paid to make up stories. Why would someone pay him to make up stories if she is dead? No way there is money to be made BY her. I dreamt of a normal looking business from the outside maybe a barber shop or something. The lady in the dream looked native. The back was a brothel with two white girls. I woke up very very upset and told no one. I am praying for her non stop now. I keep seeing her praying even if they have her hooked on drugs. Wake up people. I will start fasting and that sucks cause I love to cook but THIS is not leaving me alone.

4:30 PM  

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